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The deeply unpopular vice president says she's ready to replace Joe Biden, but that would likely ruin the party's hopes of winning in 2024.

With President Joe Biden's aging age and cognitive decline taking center stage just months before the presidential election, Democrats need to discuss the “Kamala problem.”

As the United States rapidly approaches the 2024 presidential election, Democrats find themselves in a somewhat untenable position. Not only is current US President Joe Biden visibly struggling on the mental front — as he loudly recalls meetings he never had with long-dead world leaders — but his second-in-command lacks essential support from the Democratic base.

While Biden's approval rating is at the bottom floor at 39%Vice President Kamala Harris managed to outdo him 37.5%. This shouldn't be surprising given that Harris was polling in 1% When she dropped out of the presidential race in 2019. How did she manage to alienate so many people within her party?

Earlier in her career as a California district attorney, Harris, the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India, had a reputation as a “big cop” who worked against the interests of victims. It often failed, for example, to exercise its authority to investigate charges of misconduct and abuse by police and prosecutors. At the same time, it often kept people – many of them poor blacks – behind bars even when there was ample evidence of wrongful convictions, while Opposing legislation That would have prompted her office to investigate fatal police shootings.

During the 2019 Democratic presidential debate, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard criticized Harris for her record.

“She has imprisoned over 1,500 people for marijuana violations, then laughed when asked if she had ever smoked marijuana.” Gabbard He said. She withheld evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so. It kept people out of penalties for being used as cheap labor in California. She has fought to preserve cash bail systems that affect poor people in the worst possible way.

Harris has never denied the accusations, saying only that she is responsible for them “Reforming California’s Judicial System.”

Recently, Harris's popularity has taken a hit because she has failed to show any real accomplishments during her past four years as vice president.

Regarding the most important issue that Biden assigned to Harris, which is to investigate the reasons driving waves of illegal immigrants to America, she dropped the ball, neglecting to even visit the border between the United States and Mexico.

A former senior official in the Biden administration Tell Axios: “She was at best ineffective, at worst intermittently engaged and invisible [the border] It was her responsibility. “It is an opportunity for her, and she did not close the gap.”

This is what happens when you elect a candidate based on his identity, not his competence, as it is almost impossible to relieve him of his duties. If the Democratic Party makes a decision to replace Harris, 59, at this particular juncture, the repercussions will be fierce and rapid. Anyone who dares to criticize Harris, the first woman and first Black American to serve as vice president, will be accused of holding her to higher standards than previous politicians (male and white).

As far as Harris is concerned, she firmly believes that she can lead the nation should something untoward happen to Joe Biden. “I am ready to serve. There is no doubt about that.” Harris told the Wall Street Journal in an interview last week, just days before the ruling a report Emphasizing her boss's failed memory.

The report, drafted by special counsel Robert Hoare after investigating Biden's mishandling of classified documents, said Biden offered… “Decreased capacity” In interviews they mocked him as “An old man with a weak memory.”

The public relations fallout has become so critical for the White House that there are rumors of invoking the 25th Amendment, which determines presidential succession. This enables the Vice President and the Cabinet to remove the president from office by majority vote if it is determined that he or she is no longer fit to hold the office.

This amendment has never been invoked in US history, and probably won't be invoked now because the specter of a Harris presidency is less attractive than sitting through a Biden speech.

Whatever the case may be, Donald Trump will not miss an opportunity to highlight Harris and her ill-fated stint as Vice President, nor should he, considering that chances are high that Biden will not complete his term until the age of 86. In other words, Trump will remind Americans that a vote for Joe Biden is essentially a vote for Kamala Harris. Such a strategy would likely attract many swing voters to Trump's camp.

All of this strongly suggests that the Democratic Party would be wise to reconsider its entire ticket. Neither Biden, as he currently stands, nor Harris are presidential material, and based on opinion polls, a majority of Democrats understand that. What is best is to revitalize the party with new blood, even if that means offending the progressive wing of the party.

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