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The personality of newly elected Argentine President Javier Milly makes him a compelling phenomenon, not only on a political level, but even on a religious level. This young man in his fifties caused a lot of controversy because of his religious ideas. He could not find a place in Christianity to satisfy his confusion, so he threw himself into the embrace of “Messian Judaism”.

Speaking at Rabbi Lubavitch’s shrine in New York this week, Milley hinted that big decisions about his faith would be announced soon.

This is what some people understand to mean that he will officially convert to Judaism, most likely from Tel Aviv, the third stop on his first foreign trip after winning the presidential election a few days ago by defeating his opponent, now Economy Minister Sergio ·Sergio Massa leads by 12 percentage points.

The visit to the tomb of Rabbi Lubavitch – considered by many Jews to be a worker of divine miracles – came within the framework of a trip to Washington, which Milley said was partly spiritual and the rest diplomatic and economic Up. As he said on Argentina’s website last week, if circumstances permit, then Tel Aviv and maybe Gaza.

In fact, the sacred tomb of President-elect Milley and Rabbi Lubavitch has a story that most Jews consider to be new conclusive evidence of rabbinic miracles. The visit is believed to be the second of its kind this year, following the first in July last year, when Milley traveled to pray for rabbinic blessings in winning Argentina’s presidential primaries (one round before the two formal elections) and Said: He confided in him a special promise, which he would fulfill and if his wish came true, he would win the second round of the final.

Milley said the second visit was to thank God and the rabbis for giving him “knowledge and a tongue that did not know how to stutter,” and he promised to return before assuming the position to tell him about the fulfillment of the priesthood. He promised to shoulder his responsibilities soon.

The Israeli newspaper Kfar Jabal reported that President-elect Mili only needed a simple stage to declare his conversion to Judaism, and even the circumcision stage took place earlier.

his relationship with his parents

It should be noted that Milley’s strong focus on Judaism does not necessarily mean a desire for support from Argentina’s Jewish community (approximately 250,000 people), but it may stem from his “out-group” thinking in many fields, whether economic Or politics, or even family.

For example, one man publicly claimed that he had lost his parents for many years and believed they were dead. Because his childhood was difficult, in a society that still respected the status of his father. In addition, he has not announced a relationship with any woman, except before the last round of elections, one of the channels introduced him to a comedian and dancer on the grounds that she was his lover and that she would become his lover . If he won the election, she would become First Lady, but her personality has all but disappeared since his victory.

Another reflection of President-elect Milley’s close ties to symbols of Judaism on the American continent was his selection of Gerardo Walton as Argentina’s ambassador to Washington, one of four people who accompanied Milley. Current tours.

In addition to belonging to one of Argentina’s most economically powerful families, Wharton’s brother Adrian is president of the Latin American Jewish Council, which has close ties to the American Jewish Committee and is considered a member of the Latin American Jewish Council. One of the most powerful Jewish organizations in the world.

Argentinian analysts believe that this means that the Jewish community on the American continent, with its financial influence, will side with President-elect Milley in good times and bad in the future.

Oddly, news of Milley’s visit to Israel and the United States dominated Argentinian media coverage, but the rest of the coverage focused on the first stop of the visit – New York – for several hours. Station, they only talked about the second stop, Washington, and did not mention that the third stop was related to Israel.

This has led some public opinion to wonder about the possibility of canceling or postponing Millie’s visit, as evidenced by the fact that the media cheering her on failed to talk about it. But a call from the Israeli ambassador to Argentina to channel A24 dispelled those doubts and assured the broadcaster, who seemed eager for clarification, that Israel welcomes Milley, just as it welcomes all allies who visit it, even if the current situation is not favorable, her The government expressed delight at Milley’s victory and thanked him for his confidence in her as the government’s strongest partner going forward.

Interestingly, the ambassador mentioned the names of several world leaders who have recently visited Israel to support its suffering, but he did not mention the Prime Minister of Spain or the Prime Minister of Belgium, whose stance on the impact of recent Israeli issues has upset Israel. Gaza incident.

first jewish president

Well, President Milley is likely to visit Israel these days. He will decide to move the Argentine embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem immediately after taking office. This indicates that the Israeli government has fulfilled its election promise. After taking office as president, he may also announce his conversion to Judaism and become the first Jewish president of Argentina. Therefore, he revealed his promise to Rabbi Lubavitch in front of his grave in New York.

While President-elect Milley’s visit to the United States and Israel comes at a time when Argentina’s economic problems are considered the most important issue determining the future of Argentines – given the unprecedented financial and social crisis – religious issues Milley’s personality attracted the attention of the media, which otherwise She was able to inflate Milley’s profile as a presidential candidate, and now she continues to numb public opinion by turning attention to topics like “miracles” and revival. The “Messianic” Trend in Judaism.

Oddly, the same media outlet reported the date of Milley’s second leg of his visit to Washington with representatives of the International Monetary Fund and other international financial institutions with complete optimism.

In fact, Milley took his next economy minister, Luis Caputo, who was known as central bank governor and finance minister, to get Argentina involved in the largest ever loan from the International Monetary Fund worth $57 million, During the era of former President Macri’s government!

After the news broke, a little-known digital media site asked: “If Milley is the one proudly calling himself ‘crazy,’ are all his voters crazy?”

Javier Mele (centre) at the tomb of Rabbi Lubavitch in New York (La Nacion Mas channel website, Argentina)

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