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Khartoum- Awasad, Chairman of Sudan’s Sovereign Council and Commander of the Army Abdel Fattah Burhan The door to any “reconciliation or agreement” rapid support troops, He describes its leader and his rivals Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo “Hemedti” Along with “traitors, cowards and arrogants”.

Observers believe the new move disrupts any negotiations aimed at stopping the war that have been underway since April last year and creates a suffocating atmosphere for peace, leaving the country facing an unknown situation.

Negotiations between Army and Rapid Support Forces suspended by MNaber Jeddah: The United States and Saudi Arabia have been at a dead end since early December last year.

During a visit to various countries in East Africa, Burhan declined to chair Kenya, the Quad chair, in an attempt to reinvigorate Africa's efforts. Accusing Kenyan President William Ruto of favoring quick support.

A summit of IGAD leaders approved a direct meeting between Burhan and Hemedi that had been scheduled for last week, but Djibouti, the organization's current chair, postponed the meeting ahead of the latter's attendance due to technical reasons. Missing for about eight months, the summit is expected to invite both parties to a new date in the first half of this month.

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The correspondence between Burhan and Hemeti was considered by observers to reflect a crisis of trust and “personal grudges” between the two, which poisoned the atmosphere and did not help create a favorable environment for the two parties to reach an agreement quickly.

Yesterday Friday, Burhan sharply criticized “Hemeti” in front of a group of troops at the Jebet military base in Red Sea State, calling him a “traitor, coward and arrogant” and accusing him of using magic, A con man and a liar, he stayed in hiding for 8 months, moving between homes and farms. In Khartoum, pseudonym.

Burhan added: “So we have no reconciliation with them, no agreement with them. Either we are done with them or we are done with them… We have to take away our rights and the rights of those who were killed, who were buried .” Burhan rejected the “Addis Ababa Declaration” signed by the Rapid Support Commander and the coalition forces. Civic democratic “progress” under Abdullah Hamdok.

The army chief expressed regret that some politicians supported Hemeti “with thunderous applause” while his troops massacred their people, violated their honor and looted their property. He said he did not mind talking to these political forces as long as it was located within Sudan.

Hemeti mocked Burhan at a press conference with Hamdok in Addis Ababa last Tuesday and said the army commander had been holed up in the “basement” of the central force command headquarters in Khartoum for months. , then fled the headquarters in disguise and walked out with a “sponge” on his leg, surrounded by… the applause and laughter of the leaders of the civil democratic force “Takadam” who attended the meeting.

The war in Sudan has had a devastating impact on the Sudanese people, and the country is heading into the unknown.Getty

personal grudges

Khalid Omar Yusuf, a coordinating member of the “Progressive” alliance, believed that Burhan's speech in Jebait was unambitious, lacked awareness of the dangers of the current moment, and was bent on revenge on Burhan. Hemeti made harsh comments at press conferences instead of focusing on the state of his own country and its consequences.

He commented on his Facebook page today, Saturday, saying that the current correct approach is to avoid escalation and counter-escalation by all parties, and prioritize the task of alleviating the suffering of the Sudanese people. There is no other way except peace and negotiated solutions. Get out of this disaster.

Omar Youssef added, “Despite this, we say there are still good opportunities for peace, and the dangers of war mobilization rhetoric based on lies rather than facts are already clear, rhetoric that promises a quick victory, and the consequences of which are now Quite the opposite,” warned against “turning Sudan into an unrealizable regional battlefield. Give our people camels, but not camels.”


Regarding the perception of Burhan's new position, political analyst and editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Al-Tayyar” Osman Mirghani said that the army commander “temporarily” closed the door to negotiations with the Rapid Support Forces and brought the scene back to Syria . That was sometimes the case last year.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Osman believes that the efforts of the African organization “IGAD” may return to where they left off, but this will require additional efforts and time, if the leaders of the organization's countries continue to hope that “their efforts” will be mediated It seems to have something to do with their agenda. “

The political analyst believes that Burhan's rejection of the agreement reached by Hemedi and Hamdok was not principled, and may have been raised for personal unfair reasons after the “war of words” between the two developed. of.

He added that talks between the army and the Rapid Support Forces will be halted for some time until the anger dissipates, but even after some time the talks will continue and the final stage will be the signing of a peace agreement agreed under international and regional sponsorship. The war would be ended and a new political process resumed.

On the other hand, Indian political analyst Eze Eldin believes that Burhan hopes to engage in dialogue and negotiations with the Rapid Support faction, but external plans are to re-promote Hemeti, clear his name as a war criminal and rebel leader, and put him Portrayed as a peaceful man, he does not expect any negotiations through the IGAD or Jeddah platforms to succeed.

Analysts speaking to Al Jazeera believe that organizing the Sudanese people into resistance brigades to support the army in states not subject to rapid support attacks will weaken the Sudanese government after Burhan promised to arm them. Expand Hemeti's forces and besiege them.

The analyst explained that given foreign plans to copy “Hemedti”, Burhan had no choice but to rely on popular resistance to fill the army's infantry shortage.

Al-Hindi added that Hemeti has lost everything in the conscience of the Sudanese people due to the crimes and atrocities committed by Hemeti's forces over a period of nine months, with the parties supporting him trying to re-market and recycle him internally That won't work out until he returns to senior office in the state, which has become difficult, if not impossible.

The spokesman believes that the “Takadum” alliance led by Hamdok is part of a foreign plan to present the rapid support commander in a new form.

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