Sultan Burhan sacks 4 ministers

He sacked the chairman of Sudan’s sovereign council Abdel Fattah BurhanToday, Wednesday, four ministers were removed from office and four more were appointed to replace them.

Sovereignty Council Media reported in a statement that Burhan decided to terminate Interior Minister Khalid Hassan Mohideen and Justice Minister Mohamed Said Al-Helu from their posts, adding: “The termination of Batu Batoul Abbas Awad as Minister of Industry and Abdel Ati Ahmed Abbas as Minister of Religious Affairs.” and donations .

A statement from the Sovereignty Council also noted that Burhan appointed Major General Khalil Pasha Selin to head the Ministry of Interior, Muawiya Osman Mohammad Khair to head the Ministry of Justice, and Mahasin Ali Yakob. Responsible for the Ministry of Justice. Industry and Osama Hassan Mohammed are responsible for the tasks of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Endowments.

On the other hand, the Facebook page of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council and Sudanese media reported that Burhan had terminated the appointment of six governors in the country’s 18 states.

The council said in a separate statement that Burhan issued a decision to appoint four new governors to Janzira, Kassala, West Kordofan and Northern states.

On November 1, the Chairman of Sudan’s Sovereign Council issued a decision to terminate the appointments of five ministers and appoint other ministers to replace them, namely the Minister of Energy, the Minister of Petroleum, the Minister of Trade and Supply, the Minister of Transport, the Minister of Labor and the Minister of Administrative Reform and Livestock , but did not disclose data from the Sovereignty Council. reasons for these decisions.

Since mid-April 2023, we have witnessed Sudan conflict between armiesrapid support force Led by Mohammed Hamdan praiseAccording to reports, “more than 9,000 people have died, in addition to the more than 6 million displaced people and refugees inside and outside the country” United Nations.

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