The most prominent developments on day 47 of Israel’s war on Gaza

On the 47th day of Israel’s war on Gaza, with the mediation of Qatar and Egypt and the support of the United States, the Islamic Resistance Movement reached an agreement with Israel on a humanitarian truce in Gaza. The truce will last for four days and can be extended.

The Qatari Foreign Ministry announced that the agreement includes the first phase of the exchange of 50 civilian women and children prisoners in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of many Palestinian women and children imprisoned in Israeli prisons. Large humanitarian convoys and relief supplies including fuel are also allowed in. Used exclusively to meet humanitarian needs.

At the same time, Israel continues to bombard the Gaza Strip, and the number of war martyrs in Gaza has risen to 14,532, including about 6,000 children.

Here are the most notable developments from Day 47:

  • US National Security Adviser: Qatar will be the country to announce the start of the Gaza truce.
  • Israeli Army: We don’t know when Gaza ceasefire will take effect.
  • Israeli Science Minister: Israel must confront attempts to establish Palestinian state.
  • Bloomberg: Washington has informed Israel that killing large numbers of civilians will make it difficult to continue the war against Hamas.
  • Qassam: Our target was to infiltrate occupation soldiers and vehicles in Gaza City.
  • Islamic Jihad: We are committed to a ceasefire if the occupying forces abide by the ceasefire agreement.
  • White House: We will continue efforts to free remaining hostages.
  • The number of martyrs in the Gaza war has risen to 14,532, including about 6,000 children.
  • Russia: We have not seen evidence of Hamas sites in hospitals.
  • Occupation forces announced that a soldier had been killed in the northern Gaza Strip.
  • Germany thanks Qatar for its efforts towards the armistice agreement.
  • Italy: Israel must respect international law.
  • UNICEF: More than 5,300 Palestinian children have been killed since the war began.
  • UN official: Our international values ​​are being abandoned in Gaza.
  • Hezbollah: Resistance Movement Targets Israeli Troops at the Rahab Ruins.
  • UNRWA: The blockade must be permanently lifted and aid must arrive in Gaza unconditionally.
  • Haniya’s advisor: The prisoner lists are now being exchanged and reviewed.
  • UNRWA: 191 people were killed in our schools.
  • The Israeli Prison Service is preparing to begin releasing Palestinian prisoners.
  • Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Abdullahian: Palestinians will determine the future of Gaza and the future of their country.
  • Hezbollah source: We were not involved in the armistice negotiations.
  • Egypt’s Foreign Minister: The tragic conditions in northern Gaza should not be used to incite displacement.
  • Saudi Foreign Minister: Aid should not be used as a means of collective punishment.
  • Jordanian Foreign Minister: Gaza needs 800 rescue trucks every day
  • Erdogan: Even if Israel occupies the Gaza Strip, it will still be Palestinian territory.
  • Iranian Tour Guide: Zionist entity suffers fatal blow from Hamas.
  • Abbas welcomed the humanitarian truce and called for a comprehensive solution.
  • Jordan hopes a truce in Gaza will be a step toward ending the war.
  • The Qassam Brigades mourn the assassination of Qassam commander Khalil al-Harazi, who was assassinated by “the treacherous hands of Zionism” on Tuesday in southern Lebanon.
  • The EU pledged to use the ceasefire agreement to increase aid to Gaza.
  • Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani said he hoped the ceasefire in Gaza would lead to a sustainable deal to stop the war and launch comprehensive peace talks.
  • Five martyrs in Tulkarem were killed in an Israeli drone bombing.
  • The Israeli army announced that a commander of the Golani Brigade in Gaza had been killed.
  • Biden welcomed the prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas.
  • Qatar’s Foreign Ministry announced that joint mediation efforts with Egypt and the United States have successfully reached an agreement on a humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip, which will last for four days and can be extended.
  • A senior U.S. official praised Qatar for its role in brokering a deal between Israel and Hamas, the most important provision of which led to a prisoner exchange and a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.
  • Hamas announced that it had reached an agreement with Israel on a four-day humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip following “the determined efforts of Qatar and Egypt” and following difficult and complex negotiations.
  • Reuters quoted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office as saying that the government voted in favor of an agreement to guarantee the release of some Gaza detainees.
  • Reuters reported that the U.S. Army carried out precision strikes on two facilities in Iraq in response to attacks on its troops in Iraq.
  • Israel Broadcasting Corporation: Security chief briefs government on details of hostage deal.
  • South Africa decided to close the Israeli embassy and expel the ambassador.

Interactive map of Gaza Strip’s most prominent target hospitals and on-site developments

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