The most prominent developments on day 45 of Israel’s war on Gaza


Israel’s aggression against Gaza has continued for 45 days, and the occupying forces continue to bomb the Indonesian Hospital and Al-Awda Hospital in the north. Gaza StripMany people were martyred and injured, and people were warned not to repeat the mistakes of Shifa Tower.

Meanwhile, a medical official at the Al-Shifa complex said occupying forces were detaining more than 200 patients and medical teams and using them as human shields.

For its part, the Qassam Brigades bombed the military wing of the Islamic resistance (agitation) The city of Tel Aviv and its suburbs were hit by what was described as one of the largest missile attacks, and alarms were sounded across a vast area from Ashdod in the south to Herzliya in the north.

These are the most significant developments today:

  • Hamas leader: No details yet on prisoner exchange agreement.
  • White House: We are working around the clock to reach an agreement on Hamas prisoners and we believe we are closer than ever.
  • Israel Broadcasting Authority: Israel has given the green light to the deal and is awaiting Hamas’s response.
  • Fierce clashes broke out between the resistance movement and occupation forces in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood.
  • “New News”: The Israeli army is reducing the size of its reserve forces.
  • Abu Ubaida: We destroyed 60 enemy vehicles and are pursuing his forces everywhere.
  • Al Qaeda bombarded Tel Aviv in one of its largest missile attacks.
  • Israel’s Home Front: Alarms sounded in 129 locations in Tel Aviv.
  • Gaza government media: There are more than 13,300 martyrs in the Gaza Strip.
  • Houthis take control of an Israeli ship in the Red Sea.
  • Director-General of the World Health Organization: We are shocked that Indonesian hospitals have been targeted.
  • Qatar condemns Israeli bombing of Indonesian hospital.
  • Gaza Health Authority: Occupation turns Indonesian hospital into military barracks.
  • Gaza Health Authority: We are unable to extract or count victims of Israeli bombings.
  • The war increased the number of unemployed people in Israel from 1.63 million to 428,000.
  • China discusses the situation in Gaza with ministers from Arab and Islamic countries.
  • A group of premature babies arrive in Egypt after being evacuated from Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

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