A former Israeli detainee sends message of thanks to Kassam

deployment camp Izzy al-Din Kassam Photo of a thank-you note written to them by a former female detainee Gaza StripIn her letter, she praised their humane treatment of her daughter, whom she considered the “Queen of Gaza.”

Hamas released Mrs Daniel and her daughter Emilia on the first day of a temporary truce as part of a first prisoner swap with Israel.

The detainee wrote the letter on November 23, the eve of the exchange, and signed her name and that of her daughter.

The woman began her message to Kassam by thanking from the bottom of her heart the generals who had accompanied her over the past few weeks and for the humanity they had shown towards her daughter.

She confirmed that everyone she met, even leaders, was full of kindness and compassion for her daughter, just like her parents. In her message to Qassam officials, she stressed that she would be forever grateful to them because her daughter would not be leaving with her. Despite the hardships and losses in Gaza, she still suffers psychological trauma. She concluded by wishing them and their families good health.

This follows Israeli media reports that the movement recently released detainee testimonies agitation In Gaza, it was confirmed that the movement was treating them well and that they were not subjected to any form of violence or humiliation, which supports the testimony of Lifshitz, an elderly Israeli prisoner who was released at the end of October last year.

The comments by the Israeli detainees caused an uproar in Israel and strong criticism of the government Benjamin Netanyahu As it is described, it handles the files of prisoners and missing persons, and the management of this file fails.

Hamas has so far released 50 Israeli civilians in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners in occupation prisons as part of a truce agreement that also includes the provision of humanitarian aid and fuel to the Gaza Strip and has been extended Two years of additional days.

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