Al-Duwairi on Qassam photos: part of the battle and its huge impact inside Israel News

Military and strategy expert Major General Fayez al-Dawairy praised the videos Qassam Brigade -The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitation– Record the process and development of the aqsa floods”, expressing his admiration for the Resistance Video and its huge impact within Israel.

Analyzing it for Al Jazeera, Duhuaili stressed that the image was part of the battle because it conveyed facts and conveyed a message that expressed the truth of what was going on, wondering how to know what was going on “unless we watch these films and understand What’s happening”. video. “

Commenting on the importance of the image, he added: “How can we see the horror of what is happening to Israel's systematic destruction, forced displacement and humiliation of civilians?” He noted that the streets of the West are moved by this. Make videos based on the information revolution and bypass the censors' scissors.

As for the tunnel network and the occupying forces' claims about their destruction, the strategy expert recalled recent speeches by Qassam spokesman Abu Ubaida, in which he ridiculed the Israeli army's claims of destroying the resistance's capabilities and tunnels .

He pointed out that the occupying forces' arrogance and sense of superiority “blinded his eyes and led to the attack on October 7.”

Duhuaili acknowledged that occupying forces discovered and destroyed some tunnels, but puzzling questions remain about what the network was, how it was designed, whether it led to each other, and whether the created tunnels were connected to offensive or offensive networks . Defense Tunnel, again describing it as “an unsolved black box”.

Duhuaili listed the types of Gaza resistance tunnels, including defensive and offensive tunnels, as well as tunnels built for meetings, manufacturing and sleeping quarters.

He recalled the various attempts of the occupation forces to deal with the problem, such as drowning, the use of robots and trained dogs, and stressed that the specialized unit of the Israeli army “Yahalom” suffered from resistance traps, especially tunnel openings. It suffered heavy casualties.

He pointed out that some reports claim that there are three layers of tunnels in Gaza with a depth of more than 80 meters, while the maximum power of depth bombs and concussion bombs is only between 15 and 25 meters.

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