Analysts and experts: Gaza war enters new phase in line with Netanyahu’s wishes news

With U.S. officials once again hesitant about the Middle East and talking of a new phase in Israel's war… GazaWhile discussing the future of the industry after the war, analysts and experts believe the move is in line with the Israeli prime minister's wishes Benjamin Netanyahu To prolong the war.

U.S. Secretary Lloyd Aston arrives Israel Earlier on Monday, he met with members of the War Council in Tel Aviv to discuss developments in the current phase of the war, expected steps into the next phase and the “progress” Israel has made in Gaza.

He said at a press conference tel aviv traveling with israel Yoav GalanteHe discussed the post-war future of Gaza with Israeli officials, stressing that Israel would continue to provide Israel with the weapons and ammunition needed for the war in the Gaza Strip, without imposing any timetable or conditions on this. with her aggression About the department.

Commenting on this, Dr. Muhannad Mustafa, an expert on Israeli affairs, said that Aston's statement, together with those of US officials, fully supports Israel's continued military operations, given the latter's insistence, as it is. in line with the wishes of the military, Netanyahu and Israeli society.

prolong the war

Speaking on the program “Gaza… What's next?” Mustafa stressed that talk of a new phase in the war was in line with the wishes of the occupying prime minister, despite clear differences between US President Joe Biden and Netanyahu on how to manage the war. and its aim to prolong the war. War and survival in Gaza.

He pointed out that public support for the war in Israel is gradually and slowly fading, but still exists. This is due to two basic factors: first, the issue of liberating prisoners is the central goal of the war; . The Army suffered heavy losses in ground operations but achieved no tangible military gains.

He explained that talking about a new phase of the war, even if it was limited to indiscriminate bombing campaigns and expanded targeting of civilians, was in line with Netanyahu's desire and interest to stay in Gaza and control the area militarily and security-wise. Whether the government knows it or not, it will help in this regard.

He sees the issue of Israeli detainees as a winning card for the Islamic resistance (agitationIt is therefore natural to link negotiations for the liberation of prisoners to a comprehensive ceasefire, pointing out that Hamas bet on the escalation of Israeli society after realizing that the goal of liberating prisoners conflicted with that of the elimination campaign.

trump card

Military and strategic experts Major General Fayez al-Duwyari and Dr. Muhannad Mustafa agreed that “Israeli prisoners” are Hamas's trump card and stressed that from a strategic perspective, if Hamas agrees to a humanitarian truce , would be a catastrophic mistake similar to the previous one, but without achieving a comprehensive and guaranteed ceasefire.

He believes that a new phase in Israel's war on Gaza will not help the occupying forces achieve specific goals, even if its forces succeed in assassinating Hamas leaders or attacking some prisoners in the Gaza Strip.

Duhuaili believes that talking about Gaza's post-war future as if Hamas has been eliminated is far from reality, as the movement's battle management capabilities are rising and it has largely proven that it cannot be eliminated . easily.


Dr. Lika Markey, a senior fellow at Al Jazeera Research Center, believes that Austin's remarks about full support for Israel are expected and normal, and that U.S. support for Israel's aggression in Gaza continues, even if there are political differences.

He concluded that addressing humanitarian concerns in the area does not reflect Washington's real aspirations but rather attempts to understand the violent international response to Israel and try to calm it down as much as possible as Biden's approval ratings hit rock bottom these reactions. level. Because of its stance on the war in Gaza.

As for Israel talking about possible new negotiations on the prisoner issue, Markey believes that this is not a serious proposal from Netanyahu, but an attempt to buy time and dispel the anger on the Israeli streets, and the longer the negotiations last, the longer the streets will be. The enthusiasm will be lower, and there will be no results if you continue to wait.

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