Bloomberg: Biden’s approval rating is at its lowest level ever News

The U.S. Bloomberg news website quoted a Monmouth University poll showing that the U.S. president’s approval rating Joe Biden The price fell to an all-time low amid concerns about rising prices and security at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Poll results show that only 34% of people approve of Biden's job performance, down from 54% at the beginning of his term as president about three years ago.

Incensed by the president's declining support, he issued harsh words to aides, saying his approval ratings in polls were “unacceptably low,” according to the Washington Post.

The newspaper said Biden spoke as he wanted to know how his team and campaign would respond to his declining support in polls.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll in early December showed Biden's approval rating near the lowest level of the president's term this month.

The poll showed that 40% of participants approved of Biden's performance as president, up slightly from the 39% he received last month, and noted that the poll had a margin of error of about 3%.

Americans view the economy, crime and immigration as the biggest problems facing the country, according to polls, issues that former President Donald Trump and other Republicans criticized Biden for.

Additionally, 19 percent of respondents cited the economy as a top issue, 11 percent cited immigration, and 10 percent cited crime.

Biden's overall approval rating has been stable below 50% since August 2021, and this month's approval rating remains near the lowest level of his presidency, 36% in mid-2022.

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