News of Raptor attack on Iranian gas station

Israel Army Radio says a hacker group is working withIsrael Cyber ​​attack on gas station Iran.

The station reported that the group, which calls itself Birds of Prey, published huge tables containing information about closed gas stations, details of payment systems and gas station management systems.

“This cyberattack was carried out in a controlled manner to avoid any potential damage to emergency services,” the hacking group said in two statements published on the Telegram app in Farsi and English.

The attack was “in response to attacks by the Islamic Republic and its agents in the region,” the statement said.

The Times of Israel website noted that the hacker group’s two statements “sent a warning to Iran’s leaders.” Ali Khamenei“There’s a price to pay for playing with fire.”

Iranian media reported that the group had previously claimed responsibility for cyberattacks targeting the country's gas stations, railway networks and steel plants.

Last year, the group released a video recording of an explosion at a steel factory that it said was caused by an “electronic hack” carried out at the facility.

In Iran, Oil Minister Javad Oji announced that the Internet system used by gas stations had been attacked by an Israeli cyber attack.

He accused “the United States and the Zionist enemies” of being behind the attack, stressing that they “wanted to inflict pain on the people” and stressing that “this plot will soon be foiled.”

During an inspection of Tehran gas stations, the prince said, “Cyberattacks caused the disruption of 60% of gas stations through electronic systems and smart cards, and 30% of them were restarted through manual systems.”

The minister said all gas stations across Iran would resume services within hours.

Iranian media reported that the service disruption began early Monday and had a major impact on Tehran, forcing many gas stations to operate manually.

attack each other

A major cyberattack disrupted sales of subsidized gasoline in Iran in late 2021, causing long lines at gas stations across the country.

In the context of cyber warfare, Israel accuses Iran andHezbollah Lebanese newspapers reported on Monday that the website of a medical center in the city of Safed was hit by a cyberattack three weeks ago.

Israel's cyber ministry said the attack was foiled but that the hackers were able to gain access to “some sensitive information stored in the hospital's information system”.

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