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The current and former US presidents will take a closer look at the crisis that could affect this year's elections

His administration revealed that US President Joe Biden will take a first-hand look at the illegal immigration crisis in America, as he will travel to the country's southwestern border on the same day that his Republican rival, Donald Trump, visits the region.

On Monday, the White House said in a statement that Biden will travel to Brownsville, Texas, on Thursday to meet with US Border Patrol agents, law enforcement officials and local government leaders. This will be Biden's first visit to the porous border in more than a year and the second since he took office in January 2021.

Trump, the leading Republican candidate to challenge Biden in this year's US presidential election, is scheduled to visit another border hotspot on the same day: Eagle Pass, Texas. He accused former President Biden of destroying America by dismantling his border security measures and opening the country to record flows of illegal aliens, drugs and suspected terrorists.

He added: “With four more years of Biden in office, the hordes of illegal aliens flocking across our borders will exceed 40 to 50 million people.” Trump said at a political conference on Saturday. “Medicare, Social Security, Medicare, public education will collapse and collapse. It will collapse.”

With polls pointing to a political backlash over Biden's handling of border issues ahead of the November election, the president has shifted in recent weeks from denying there is a crisis to blaming Republican lawmakers for the problem. Biden signed several executive orders on his first day in office to rescind new border security measures imposed during Trump's term. His administration also temporarily halted deportations of illegal immigrants and canceled construction of a border wall.

U.S. Border Patrol agents encountered nearly 2.5 million illegal aliens in the government's most recent fiscal year, which ended Sept. 30, compared to just 458,000 during Trump's last full fiscal year in office. These numbers do not include millions of so-called “smugglers” who have crossed into the country without being confronted by federal agents.

An unnamed White House official told reporters on Monday that Biden would discuss the issue during his trip to Texas “Urgent need” For Congress to approve the border measures his administration negotiated with Senate Republicans.

representative. Good bob (R-Virginia), said Biden is just trying “Political cover” Because of his deliberate sabotage of border security. He added: “He has the power to reverse his policies and law enforcement, but he will not do so so he can continue to try to blame Republicans.” The lawmaker said.

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