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The special counsel faced pressure to review his description of the president's memory impairment after deciding against the indictment

US Representative Matt Gaetz objected to the special prosecutor's decision not to bring criminal charges against Joe Biden over mishandling of classified documents, saying the president was exempt from legal accountability under the law. “The Cooperator Theory of Dementia.”

Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, was among the lawmakers who verbally sparred with US Department of Justice Special Counsel Robert Hoare during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday. Hoare defended his decision not to indict Biden, despite finding evidence to prove this “Intentionally kept and disclosed” State secrets he took from the White House after his term as Vice President ended in 2017.

The special counsel insisted that he did not find sufficient evidence of Biden's intent to prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury. Gates replied: “But the reason you have this suspicion is the senile collaborator theory — the fact that Joe Biden is so incompetent in responding that you can't prove intent.” He added that it is frustrating when former President Donald Trump is on trial for mishandling classified documents while Biden is treated differently. “Because the elevator won't go to the top floor.”

Hoare completed his investigation last month and issued a report detailing his findings. One reason he gave for not bringing criminal charges was that it would be difficult to convince a jury to convict a president who appeared during the investigation to be a criminal. “A well-meaning old man with a weak memory.” The report said that during an interview with Hoare, the president was unable to recall details such as when he was serving as vice president and approximately when his son Beau died.

The characterization sparked a political firestorm, with Republicans claiming it was an unfair excuse to give Biden special treatment, and Democrats claiming Hoare was trying to hurt the president's re-election bid. The New York Times vote A publication last week showed that 73% of American voters — including 61% who voted for him in 2020 — believe the incumbent Democrat is too old to be an effective president.

Rep. Adam Schiff, a Democrat from California, told Hoare that he knew the political impact his words would have. He added: “Your personal, biased and subjective opinion of the president – an opinion that you knew his political opponent would amplify – you had to understand that, and you did anyway.”

Hoare indicated that his analysis of the issue requires an assessment of the extent to which Biden deliberately mishandled state secrets. He added that White House lawyers pressured him to do so “check” He described Biden's mental state, which he declined to do. Given the need to determine whether Biden knowingly violated the law, he said, “I had to think about the president's memory and his overall mental state.”

The special counsel also denied Democrats' claims that his report exonerated Biden, saying the investigation did not clear him of any wrongdoing. The transcript of his interview with the president also revealed a false claim made by Biden when he angrily criticized Hoare for asking about the death of his son Beau. The transcript showed that Hoare only questioned Biden about where his documents were kept when he left office in 2017, and the president spoke about his son's death, which occurred in 2015.

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