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The enhanced games, backed by a coterie of Silicon Valley bigwigs, describe themselves as “the Olympics of the future.”

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel is among a handful of tech billionaires funding the Enhanced Games, a privately funded sports competition that encourages doping and transhumanist-inspired upgrades, according to a post on X (formerly Twitter) by the games' official account on Tuesday. .

Venture capitalist Christian Angermeier and former Coinbase CTO Balaji Srinivasan were also named as contributors to the games. “Investors Department”. The funding round resulted in enough capital to pay for the first version of the games, says founder and Australian venture capitalist Aaron D'Souza. Tell New York Post on Thursday. However, D'Souza refused to reveal the absolute total amount, stating only that it was in “High single digit millions.”

Thiel reportedly plans to provide more details about his investment in April and will promote the games during the “real” Olympics in Paris in July. Palantir's CEO is an avid drug addict himself, Taking Human growth hormone and metformin for muscle-building and anti-aging purposes, respectively, and he hopes to be cryogenically frozen before death.

Several cities are currently in talks to host the Games, D'Souza claimed, expecting the first competition to be held by the middle of next year using existing sports facilities – an attempt to avoid the taxpayer-funded building boom that typically occurs when cities are in contention to host the Olympics.

In addition to taking performance-enhancing drugs, athletes are encouraged to use so-called “Performance Technology” Such as polyurethane swimming “super suits” It was banned by FINA in 2010 after it was used to break 55 world records in one year.

D'Souza justified the idea of ​​allowing athletes to use drugs “Openly and frankly” By claiming that “44% of Olympic athletes admit to using banned substances while only 1% are caught.” He cast his pro-steroid outlook as a stand for medical freedom, telling the newspaper, “Individuals should be able to make choices about their bodies, and no one – be it a sports federation or the government – ​​should be able to tell them what to do about it.”

The investor also touted the event as a boon for scientific research, with the athletes serving as guinea pigs to test it “Compounds and therapeutics” work for “Prolonging human lifespan.”

D'Souza said more than 900 athletes have contacted him interested in competing in the Games since he unveiled the idea last year. Unlike the Olympics, the Games promise each competitor a large base salary in addition to the winnings from the competition.

The head of the US Anti-Doping Agency, Travis Tygart, dismissed the games as just a game “Dangerous Clown Show” And “It's not a real sport” In November interview with CNN, while former Australian Olympic gold medalist Anna Meares called it “Unfair and unsafe” And “a joke”. Attorney Jim Walden added that it was probably illegal in the United States.

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