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The American comedian has signed a new multi-year deal with streaming service Spotify that is said to be worth up to $250 million

US podcast king Joe Rogan has signed a contract renewal with Spotify that essentially allows him to have his cake and eat it too – reportedly earning up to $250 million from the streaming service and gaining the freedom to distribute his show on other platforms.

Spotify Certain The new multi-year agreement was announced Friday, saying it would continue to broadcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” and would allow it to be carried by competing distributors. This means that a show that already ranked as the world's most-watched podcast while streaming exclusively on Spotify will soon be opened up to listeners on services like Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and YouTube.

Rogan's controversial show has ruffled feathers at Spotify since joining the platform in 2020 in a deal worth an estimated $200 million. Aging rock musician Neil Young removed his songs from the streaming service in 2022 and urged Spotify employees to resign after CEO Daniel Ek refused to cancel Rogan's viral show. “Fatal misinformation” Regarding Covid-19 vaccines.

Angry Spotify employees also accused Rogan of being present “Transphobia” But his show was reportedly making the platform too much money to torpedo. The podcast boasts an estimated audience of about 11 million people per episode, and Rogan has credited the media with keeping his controversial content in check to attract some 2 million subscribers.

Instead of relying on an exclusive arrangement with Rogan's podcast to help attract more subscribers, Spotify is betting on ad sales to generate more revenue. Rogan's compensation will include a base fee and a share of advertising revenue. Spotify said it would work with Rogan to “Continue to maximize your show's audience across platforms.”

There has been speculation in the media that Rogan will move to another platform when his contract with Spotify expires. He turned down a $100 million censorship-free offer to join the Rumble in early 2022.

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