Child Donia Abu Al-Hassan was killed by a shell in Al-Nasser hospital after both legs were amputated during a raid | News

Palestinian girl's wishes Gaza Strip Donia Abu Al-Hassan dreamed of becoming a doctor treating children, but Israeli occupying forces fired her from her bed at Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip A missile assassinated her and made her dream disappear.

Doniya (13), whose legs were amputated after an attack on her home that killed her parents and two brothers, is undergoing treatment at Al-Nasser Hospital.

According to Muhammad Zaqout, a doctor at the Nasser Medical Hospital, to the camera of Al Jazeera reporter Wael Al-Dahdouh, Doniya was sleeping on the bed in the obstetrics building of the Nasser Hospital. The tank shell penetrated the ceiling of her room, hitting her directly in the head, and he said her brains were scattered on the wall.

Dr. Zakter said the Israeli enemies did not send a warning to the hospital or issue any evacuation orders, stressing that the clashes between Palestinian resistance fighters and occupying forces took place in Khan Younis and not in their area. .

He described the crimes committed by the occupying forces against the Doniya Children and Al-Nasser Hospital as “heinous crimes” and said it was a clear message that the hospital was also being targeted.

Notably, Donya appeared in a video clip expressing her dream of one day becoming a doctor to treat children injured by Israel's aggression in Palestine.

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