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For 47 years, the Iranian national football team is still competing for its fourth championship despite repeated attempts at the past few Asian Nations Cups.

Nicknamed 'Team Melli', the team lifted the inaugural Continental Cup in Iran in 1968, followed by winning the title in Thailand in 1972, before adding a third consecutive title in their home country in 1976 Lift the trophy.

There were six teams participating in the competition. The Iranian team was divided into the second group with the Iraqi team and the South Yemen team (now Yemen), while the first group included the Kuwait team, the Chinese team and the Malaysian team.

group matches

  • June 4: Iran vs. Iraq (2-0).

Goals: Nasser Noure (45), Hassan Rushan (58).

  • June 8: Iran plays South Yemen (8-0).

Goals: Alireza Aziz (17 and 73), Nasser Nourai (40,42), Alireza Khorshidi (45), Goram Hussein Mazlu meters (63, 74 and 80).


  • June 11: Iran played against China (2-0).

Two goals: Ali Reza Khorshidi (100), Hassan Rushan (119).


  • June 13: Iran vs. Kuwait (1-0).

Goals: Ali Parveen (71).

The Iranian team has different results in previous competitions, finishing third (5 times), fourth (1 time), fifth (4 times), and sixth (1 time) respectively, and was eliminated in the group stage in 1992. . Japan.

Team-mates of Portugal's Porto striker Mehdi Taremi will hope to find closure and win a fourth title by taking part in next year's tournament finals in Qatar.

2023 Asian Nations Cup Group C Iran Team Match

The Iranian team is in Group C with the Palestinian team, the United Arab Emirates team and the Hong Kong team of China.

  • January 14: Iran and Palestine (Education City Stadium).
  • January 19: Hong Kong team and Iran team (Khalifa International Stadium).
  • January 23: Iran and Emirates Stadium (Education City Stadium).

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