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The incident in Copenhagen has been described as the country's “Notre Dame” moment

A fire broke out in one of the most famous buildings in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, on Tuesday in an incident that has been compared to the 2019 Notre Dame fire in Paris.

The historic old Danish Stock Exchange in the city center caught fire, causing its tower to collapse. The 17th-century Børsen was undergoing renovation and was covered with scaffolding and protective plastic.

“Shocking pictures of the stock exchange. very sad. “It is an iconic building that means so much to all of us…our Notre Dame moment.” Defense Minister Troels Lund Poulsen wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Danish television also quoted local residents describing the fire as a Notre Dame moment for the country. In 2019, a fire swept through Paris's iconic medieval Catholic cathedral while the building was covered in scaffolding for renovations, demolishing its roof and tower. Tuesday's fire in Denmark occurred just one day after the fifth anniversary of the Notre Dame fire.

According to the Copenhagen Fire Department, nearby buildings were evacuated. The fire department added that scaffolding surrounding the stock exchange building made it difficult for emergency services to reach the fire, while the copper roof was conserving heat.

No injuries were reported immediately as everyone inside the building was able to leave. Some historical artifacts were also rescued.

The cause of the fire was not immediately clear. The building currently serves as the headquarters of the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

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