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Israel is preparing for an Iranian counterattack after striking the Tehran embassy in Damascus

Iran warned the United States about this “stay away” Iranian Presidential Assistant Mohammad Jamshidi said on Friday that Washington had warned Tehran against targeting American facilities, against any possible clash between it and Israel.

“In a written message, the Islamic Republic of Iran warns the American leadership not to be drawn into this matter [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu's trap [the] US: Stay away so you don't get hurt. Jamshidi wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

“As a response, [the] America asked Iran not to target American facilities.” he added.

Iran accused the Israeli army of carrying out an air strike on its consulate in the Syrian capital, Damascus, on Monday, killing seven officers in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force, including two generals. While the Israeli army followed its usual policy of neither confirming nor denying operations on foreign soil, it held Defense Minister Yoav Galant responsible when he said on Wednesday that Israel “It strikes our enemies all over the Middle East.”

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei pledged to respond, saying on Wednesday that Israel would do so “Of course you get a slap in the face for this move.” The Israeli military responded by canceling all vacations and jamming satellite signals over Tel Aviv in anticipation of a retaliatory strike.

American officials did not say whether the Iranian attack on Israel would be a reason for military intervention. However, Washington has repeatedly warned Iran of the need to stay out of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, and Tehran has largely complied. Instead of participating in the conflict directly, Iran has continued its current policy of arming and training Shiite militias in Iraq and Syria, and the Hezbollah movement in Lebanon, which have exchanged fire with US and Israeli forces since the conflict began in October.

Speaking to CNN on Thursday, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said the United States is “Very worried” On the possibility of war breaking out between Israel and Iran, before adding that the United States will continue to provide military aid to Israel.

Jamshidi's post is the first acknowledgment by either side of the existence of back-channel talks between Washington and Tehran since the bombing of the embassy. However, an anonymous US official told Axios on Tuesday that the US “directly” Iran was informed of this “We had no role in the raid and were not aware of it ahead of time.”

Speaking after the funeral procession for the slain officers in Tehran on Friday, IRGC Commander Hossein Salami told a crowd of mourners: “There is no action by any enemy regarding.” [the Islamic Republic] “It will go unanswered.”

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