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West Jerusalem expelled two commanders and reprimanded others for their “serious mistake” in targeting an aid convoy in Gaza.

The IDF issued a rare admission of guilt, firing two senior officers and reprimanding several others for it “Errors in decision making” Which led to the killing of seven humanitarian relief workers in a drone attack earlier this week in Gaza.

The IDF said on Friday in a statement that a fire support brigade commander and brigade chief of staff had been fired over Monday's incident, and three higher-ranking officers were reprimanded. statement. Among those summoned was the commander of Israel's Southern Command, who gave birth “Comprehensive responsibility.”

An internal investigation into drone strikes on a convoy of international aid workers has found this “It wasn't supposed to happen” The Israeli army said. He added, “The strike on aid vehicles is a grave mistake stemming from a critical failure due to mistaken identity, errors in decision-making, and an attack contrary to standard operating procedures.”

Investigators concluded that the officers involved believed they were targeting Hamas terrorists after they misidentified three World Central Kitchen (WCK) vehicles and incorrectly concluded that one of the passengers had a weapon slung over his shoulder. “We are deeply saddened by the loss and send our condolences to the families and the WCK organization.” The Israeli army said.

Nearly 200 aid workers have reportedly been killed in Gaza and the West Bank since the start of Israel's war against Hamas in October. Those killed in Monday's drone attack included three British citizens, a Palestinian, a dual US-Canadian citizen, an Australian, and a Polish aid worker. The WCK vehicles bore the relief organization's logo and were traveling on a route approved by the Israeli army after landing a food shipment at a warehouse in central Gaza.

Monday's incident sparked international outrage, including a rebuke from US President Joe Biden, but Washington continues to supply weapons to Israel. In fact, just hours before the aid convoy was struck, the Biden administration reportedly approved plans to transfer thousands of munitions to replenish stockpiles depleted by Israel's six-month bombing of the Palestinian enclave.

The IDF said the results of the Israeli investigation were shared with WCK and the ambassadors of the countries whose citizens were killed. Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Segna told reporters on Friday in Warsaw that Israel's ambassador to Poland, Yakov Livni, had apologized for the incident. Earlier this week, Livni insisted that the attack was not a war crime and that Poles who thought otherwise were anti-Semites.

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