Eagles 53-Man Roster Predictions: Definitive Edition

Now that the Eagles’ preseason schedule is over, Philadelphia’s focus is turning to narrowing their roster down to the regular season cap of 53 players before the 4:00 PM EST deadline on Tuesday, August 29. Here’s our best guess at what creative 53 will look like. Note that the Birds will likely make some adjustments (damaged reserves, trades, waiver claims) before they actually play New England Patriots in week 1.

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Midfielders: Jalen Hertz, Marcus Mariota, Tanner McKee (3) (3)

Hurts had a good camp. And there is every reason to believe in a man who is totally obsessed with getting back together power And win this time. Mariota was a net negative this summer but he’s done enough to stay in QB2…for now. His leash should be shortened for this job due to how well Mackey plays.

Outside: Ian Bock

Back to Back: Kenneth Ginwell, D’Andre Swift, Boston Scott, Rashad Penny (4) (7)

Kenny G has led all of the Eagles’ linebackers in first-team campaigns, a tip to SportsRadio 94WIP’s Eliot Shorr-Parks. It still doesn’t lead me to believe he’ll be back for the buzzer all season as much as he’s a favorite for getting the most touches early on. The feeling here is that the Eagles’ rear position is still very fluid. Roles can depend on matches, game script, and performance. If there was a hot hand to ride, one would expect them to. At the moment, it looks like all four defenders will be involved to some degree. Swift is the most dynamic threat, especially with the value he brings as a passing player. Scott is strong and comes out of a good camp. Penny’s stock can rally late in the year as the weather turns cold and his tough style is no fun to deal with on defenses. Trey Sermon never looked so good that the birds had to keep him; He recorded 3.5 yards per carry on 30 preseason rushes.

Exit: Trey Sermon, Kennedy Brooks

WR: AJ Brown, Devonta Smith, Kewes Watkins, Olamide Zakius, British Coffee (5) (12)

AJ and DeVonta were great at camp; They should be recognized as elite players in their position. Watkins did some good things early in camp before suffering a hamstring injury. Of course, this wasn’t the first summer that Quiz has looked good at camp. He still has a lot to prove in terms of confidence in the regular season games. OZ isn’t overly flashy but it looks like it could be powerful in a relatively limited role. Kofi is underrated because he struggled early last year before becoming one of the best running backs in the NFL in his last 10 games. Kofi also looked good enough as a passing player in camp despite being out for a long time with a hamstring injury. Eagles do not need to repeat Dynamic early 2007 where they avoided gambling returns And it cost them a match that could have ultimately made the difference in the playoffs. Devon Allen’s kick return in the pre-season finals was great but this is an area of ​​the game that will matter less than ever. Greg Ward has done good things but there is no evidence to suggest teams will go after him. Joseph Ngata has shown some potential but is not there yet and could benefit from development in the coaching staff.

Exit: Devon Allen, Greg Ward Jr., Joseph Ngata, Deon Cain, Jadon Hasselwood, Johnny King, Freddie Swain

TE: Dallas Goodert, Jack Stoll, Grant Calcaterra, Terry Jackson (4) (16)

Goedert had a great camp that was probably overshadowed by how good AJ and DeVonta were. The Eagles really like Stoll as their holding back tight end. Calcaterra did not impress excessively but was in a tricky situation as Mariota failed to deliver the ball to him accurately. Jackson shone enough to make the team… plus Howie Roseman once talked about his potential as an agent in trading Zach Ertz.

Exit: Dan Arnold, Brady Russell

OL: Jordan Milata, Landon Dickerson, Jason Kelsey, Cam Jurgens, Lynn Johnson, Tyler Steen, Fred Johnson, Jack Driscoll, Sawa Obita (9) (25)

The start is ready with Jurgens getting the right goalkeeper job. The Eagles should have one of the best – if not the best – offensive lines in the NFL. There are questions about the depth of the team. Sten looked better at tackle than guard. Johnson came out of nowhere to get a deep spot. His versatility helped him tackle/guard. Driscoll didn’t really look that great to me but the Eagles still seem to love him. Being a pure keeper limits his value, but he brings experience and familiarity to the table. Julian Good-Jones is a difficult character here because of his C/G versatility. It is likely that the Eagles will be able to include him in the training squad. The same goes for vets like Josh Andrews and Dennis Kelly. It seemed like the Eagles wanted Josh Sales to get a roster spot but he really struggled getting back on the roster.

Exit: Julian Judd-Jones, Josh Andrews, Dennis Kelly, Josh Sales, Brett Toth, Roderick Johnson, Tyrese Robinson, Cameron Tom


D: Josh Sweet, Brandon Graham, Derek Barnett (3) (28)

Race had another great camp, and that wasn’t a big deal to him. BLG still continues to give the Eagles juice on the bench. Barnett will commit stupid punishments, and no one will be surprised.

Exit: Janarius Robinson, Taron Jackson

Sam: Hasson Reddick, Nolan Smith, Patrick Johnson (3) (31)

Reddick is expected to be ready to play in Week 1 despite having thumb surgery. It will be interesting to see how Smith’s role develops over the course of the season. He may have to work his way up to more and more picks. Johnson looked good at camp before he got hurt. He may actually be ahead of Smith as the highest rated SAM backup.

Exit: Kieron Johnson, Quinton Bell

DT: Fletcher Cox, Jalen Carter, Jordan Davis, Milton Williams, Marlon Topoloto, Moro Ojumo (6) (37)

The Eagles were using DT’s six-man rotation late last year. Why don’t I go back to it? All of these players deserve to be included in the list. The Eagles know what they have in Cox. Carter has the potential to be really good; Maybe even Defensive Rookie of the Year. But it’s also not uncommon for novice DTs to be very productive off the jump. It would be nice to see Davis more involved in the stat sheet; We’ll see if he can make it happen. Williams improved from year one to year two and could be even better in year three. Toepolo looked good at camp to get a place. Ojomo also looked good but maybe the Eagles will hold him at No. 53 and then put him on IR to free up a spot for at least four weeks while he recovers. As an acquired no-waivers vet, Kentavius ​​Street could be re-signed after some cheating on the Eagles’ roster.

Outside: Kentavius ​​Street, Olive Sagapolo, Robert Cooper, Caleb Sanders, Marvin Wilson

LB: Nakobe Dean, Zack Cunningham, Christian Ellis (3) (40)

Dean didn’t necessarily have a bad summer, but it’s fair to say he wasn’t as impressive as one might have hoped he would be. Regardless, he is the best full-back player at the moment, which also indicates a weak position. Cunningham showed the makings of a reliable starting player after signing for the team in early August. Ellis has blinked but he probably isn’t ideally suited to a full-time role as much as a rotational player. Nicolas Moreau fell down the depth chart and Ben van Someren was very lethargic at this point. Tyreek Maddox-Williams probably played more plays in the Eagles’ pre-season finals than all the linebackers combined all summer…but the sample size is too small to earn a spot on the roster. The Eagles should keep him on the practice squad.

Exit: Nicholas Moreau, Ben van Someren, Terek Maddox-Williams

Center backs: Darius Slay, James Bradbury, Avonte Maddox, Josh Jobe, Mario Goodrich, Kelly Ringo, Eli Rix (7) (47)

Sly and Bradbury are the outside starters. Maddox hasn’t really had a good summer, which doesn’t come as a complete shock since he’s coming off an injury that lasted until the start of camp. Jobe stepped up and secured his role as a backup top overseas option. It might even be the beginning of the future someday? Goodrich is a better choice for the backup slot, especially with Zech McPherson’s absence this year. He may also be a candidate to “go on deadline and then put it on IR” because he was injured and didn’t play in the preseason finals. I’ve seen some suggest Ringo should not be in the squad and I think that’s harsh considering he turned 21 less than a month ago. It is not a finished product. Give it some time. Ricks never really stood out in practice like he did in pre-season games. The Eagles may want to count on the youth at this venue considering Sly and Bradbury are on the wrong side of 30.

Exit: Mekhi Garner, Josiah Scott

S: Reid Blankenship, Tyrell Edmonds, Justin Evans, Sydney Brown (4) (51)

Blankenship looks set to make the leap from year one to year two; He had a great camp. While his outlook is clear, it remains to be seen how the rest of this situation plays out. Edmunds is the more experienced player and hasn’t been fully in charge so it might be worth keeping him. Evans recently named safety reps to the first team, so the Eagles seem to like him even though he hasn’t been great. Brown failed to land the starting job altogether, but he may eventually end up in that spot by default. K’Von Wallace has been tough because the team has overrated him in the past, but he’s been playing a lot in pre-season finals, which is usually not a good sign.

Exit: Kevon Wallace, Tristen McCollum

special teams

K: Jake Elliott (1) (52)

There’s no reason to worry about Elliott, who finished the pre-season strong with field goals of 52 and 59.

Lisa: Rick Lovato (1) (53)


F: Nothing

The Eagles need a new punter. Arryn Siposs beating Ty Zentner is no mean feat. The former just stinks a bit less than the latter. The Eagles can’t have a season with Siposs as their punter when he played a huge role in their last two losses in the playoffs. They should be able to do better than him.

Exit: Arjen Sipos


injured reserve

LB Sean Bradley
WR Terry Cleveland
DT Noah Ellis
CB Zeck MacPherson
WR Charleston Rambo

By being placed on IR prior to making 53-man rosters, these players are currently ineligible to play for the Eagles through the 2023 season. The exception is if they are waived with injury settlements and enough time has passed to be eligible to re-sign with Philadelphia. However, the nature of some of these injuries prevents the players from being physically able to play football this year.

retired و


LB Miles Jack

Two weeks after signing with the Eagles, Jack decided to retire. Bird has his rights if he changes his mind and wants to return to football.

practice band

RB Trey Sermon, WR Joseph Ngata, WR Devon Allen, WR Greg Ward, TE Brady Russell, OL Josh Andrews, OL Dennis Kelly, OL Julian Judd-Jones, OL Josh Sales, De Janarius Robinson, Sam Kieron Johnson, DT Kentavius ​​Street, LB Ben VanSumeren, LB Tyreek Maddox-Williams, CB Mekhi Garner, S K’Von Wallace

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