Final preliminary predictions for the 53-man Seattle Seahawks roster

The roster is being cut down across the NFL, and that includes the Seattle Seahawks after seven players were waived on Sunday. Each team has two days before they have to cut their 90-player roster down to 53, after which we get into the fun of waivers, training squads and injured reserve players.

For simplicity’s sake, this is really the 53-man initial projection, so there may be some omitted names that end up on the list anyway.

crime (24)

Quarterback (2): Geno Smith, Drew Locke

running backwards (4): Kenneth Walker III, Zac Charbonnet, Kenny MackintoshDeejay Dallas

wide receiver (6): DK Metcalfe, Tyler Lockett, Jackson Smith Njegba, Jake Bobo (Udfa), Aesop Winston Jr., Dariki Young

narrow end (3): Noah Fant, Will Disley, Colby Parkinson

offensive line (9): Charles Cross, Abby Lucas, Stone Forsyth, Damien Lewis, Evan Brown, Olusegun OluwatimePhil Haynes, Anthony BradfordJake Corhan

Defense (26)

line of defense (6): Drmont Jones, Garran Reed, Mario Edwards Jr. Cameron Young, Mike MorrisMiles Adams

outer back (5): Darrell Taylor, Oceana Nwosu, Derek HallBoy Muffy, Tyrek Smith

Midfielders outside the ball (5): Bobby Wagner, Devin Bush, John Rattigan, Nick Bellor, Jordyn Brooks

Safety (5)Quander Diggs, Julian Love, Jamal Adams, Jerrick Reid II, Jonathan Sutherland (UDFA)

Corner back (5): Rick Woolen, Devon WitherspoonMike Jackson Jr., Trey Brown, Kobe Bryant

Special Teams (3)

Kicker (1): Jason Myers

Pointer (1): Michael Dixon

long snapper (1): Chris Stoll (UDFA)

Short-term IR candidates after making the 53-man roster: Darek Young, Mike Morris

PUP: Brian Moon, Austin Folio

hanging: D’Eskridge

Pieces list (Forward): Holton Ahlers, Wayne Taulabapa, Sarodoric Thompson, Malik Flowers, John Hall, Matt Landers, Tyjon Lindsay, Cady Johnson, Cody Thompson, Justin Marshall, Griffin Hibbert, Tyler Mabry, Sal Canela, Greg Island, Joey Hunt, Galen . Mackenzie, Kendall Randolph, Liam Ryan

Pieces list (Defense): Austin Faolio, Levi Bell, Roderick Perry II, Jacob Sykes, Matt Guettel, Jordan Ferguson, Phy Jones, Ben Burr Kervin, Patrick O’Connell, Christian Young, Lance Boykin, Arkon Bosh, Joey Blunt, Benji Franklin. Chris Steele, Tai Okada, Artie Burns

There are unknowns regarding the injury severity of Derek Hall (shoulder) and Devin Bosh (concussion), so there may be more open spaces available by Wednesday than you think.

I think Aesop Winston made his way up the list beating out Cady Johnson and Cody Thompson. If we’re being honest, there isn’t much Cade has shown in the preseason to be considered a standout player despite him being the 1,000th receiver to have been compared to Doug Baldwin. Thompson has been in the league for five years and with the loss of 2022 due to injury and he missed several pre-season games this year for similar reasons, I believe he will either drop out of the Seahawks or return to the coaching staff. Other than that, there are no surprises in the attack.

The defense was tougher outside linebacker, where my only question mark was whether or not Levi Bell would be claimed off waivers. As noted in the “Winners and Losers” column, I believe Mike Jackson Sr. is not in danger of losing his spot on the list, but he may have lost his starting job to Trey Brown.

On the defensive line, I think that aside from considering re-signing someone like Sykes or Guettel after coming up on waivers, the Seahawks will be actively looking for depth from other teams’ roster cuts.

Tell me what are your expectations! You can get a little bit of a head start with 7 player waivers, which makes it a little easier.

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