Erdogan: European leaders are prisoners of Holocaust shame news

Turkish President said Recep Tayyip Erdogan European leaders have become prisoners of the so-called shame of the Holocaust because of their unfair stance on Israel’s aggression against Israel. Gaza More than 13,000 Palestinian martyrs fell, most of them women and children.

Erdogan said in a press statement after a Turkish government meeting in the capital Ankara on Monday that while Turkey was mobilizing efforts to stop the bloodshed in Gaza, “we are shamefully following the lack of conscience of Western countries.”

He added that the Israeli occupying forces are killing innocent people every day, including women, children, journalists, doctors, the elderly and civilians, and “there is no reaction from Europe or the United States.”

The Turkish president stressed that Turkey is the only country that cannot accuse Israel of anti-Semitism no matter how hard it tries. “Türkiye has no such stain in the past.”

“Israel and its supporters are using all modern means of warfare against children, women and the elderly, and they will be judged before the conscience of humanity,” he said.

Erdogan reiterates Israeli PM’s statement Benjamin Netanyahu He lost his reputation in front of the people and tried to restore it by bombing hospitals, schools and temples.

Cruelty of the Crusades

The Turkish president noted that the bombing of hospitals has become a symbol of Israeli injustice, as “almost all hospitals in Gaza have been destroyed or damaged by bombing.”

He added, “The atrocities Gaza has witnessed since October 7 are no less than what happened a thousand years ago during the Crusades and World War II.”

He said Israel was trying to undermine Gazans’ determination to resist by not only killing them, but also cutting off their water, fuel, electricity and communications and bombing hospitals.

Erdogan pointed out that Turkey sent 11 cargo planes and ships full of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza via Egypt.

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