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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has fired the deputy governor of Lower Silesia, Jacek Protasevich, after a series of bizarre posts on social media, including… “Homophobia” Insults.

Protasevich is a member of a political group allied with the Polish People's Party, the junior partner in Tusk's coalition government that took power last December. Tusk expelled him on Monday at the request of the regional governor.

Before a runoff election for mayor of Wrocław, the provincial capital, Protašević got into a heated war on X (formerly Twitter), calling a critic “crazy.” “Bad tramp” And another A “The stinking coward” According to local media. The next day, he began posting what appeared to be a romantic relationship with Daria Brzezycka, a party activist 30 years his junior.

When Brzejka called out a journalist for alluding to her, Protasević called him “Normal, average, crap” He suggested that the reporter had a small penis. He contacted another X user who criticized Brzezicka an “An imperceptible speck of dust” While he pointed out that the third critic was just writing “Stupid things” Because he was a jealous loser.

Protasiewicz went on to claim that “Big, red lips” And “sensitive mouth” They were responsible for the career of activist Oskar Zafarovic in the former ruling Law and Justice Party. The activist has since said he will sue the deputy governor over “vulgar, primitive, homophobic” comments.

After Polish “Strong spacing” itself from politics “unsuitable” statements, Protasiewicz responded that he would do whatever he wanted on his X account.

The district governor's office felt compelled to tweet that Protasevich's posts were so “His opinions are his own and in no way reflect the position of the governor.”

Protasević was a member of the Tusk party, but was expelled in 2015. Before his dismissal on Monday morning, Protasević tweeted a photo of his old party comrades and said he knew about it. “Many wonderful, important and certainly interesting stories of this country” Which he originally intended to share after his retirement “But maybe I'll tell them sooner.”

When asked if this involved any dirt, he replied: “There is no dirt, only the truth.” He implied that he wrote notes to support this.

Protasevich was a Member of the Polish Parliament from 2001 to 2004 and again from 2015 to 2023, and served three terms as a Member of the European Parliament between 2004 and 2014.

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