Gaza girl: I hide my hunger so my mother doesn't suffer my mixed pain

A video clip shows a Palestinian girl from… Gaza Strip She cried because of extreme hunger and said she would sometimes wake up from her sleep and hear the sound of no food in her stomach, but she quickly covered her stomach with a quilt for fear that her mother would be hurt and affected by the sound. pain.

In an interview with Palestinian photojournalist Amr Tabsh on the page of the Instagram platform, the girl said: “Uncle, can you imagine if you had daughters like mine (like me), you would make them suffer from cold and cold like me Are you hungry?” and when they feel hungry, they cover their mouths with a taboo (lid) so their mother doesn't feel them. “Just like us.” “

Talking about the experience of hunger, she said: “I was very hungry at night. In order to prevent the sound of hunger from my stomach, I put taboo things on my stomach so that my mother would not hear my voice or feel it. Pain.” “Because of me. No matter what, praise God.”

The little girl wanted to know: “Why can't we be like the children in Turkey, Japan, China, the United States, Europe and other countries? Why can't we live like them? Their fathers, mothers and brothers and sisters are next” We handed the book to They, they go to school with their schoolbags on their backs. Why can't we live like them? Whatever they asked for, they found it immediately, but we asked for it a hundred times and no one responded to us. “

This is not the first child to reveal the hunger experienced by thousands of residents in the Gaza Strip. A woman named Nisreen Qudeih told the story of her 15-year-old niece, Jana Hani Deeb, who died of starvation.

Nisreen wrote on her Facebook page on December 8, “Jana has cerebral palsy and cannot stand hunger, and her family can’t find anything to protect her. For 3 days in a row, Jana did nothing but not drink. I didn’t drink either.” Water. “

According to the child's aunt Jana, although the cemetery is no more than 800 meters from the school, her father was forced to bury her in a “temporary grave” in the school playground due to non-stop traffic. There was air and artillery bombardment around the school and the school was surrounded by tanks, making it a risk for Israeli forces to prevent movement in the area and leave the school.

A Palestinian child has recounted his suffering and the tragedy of children in Gaza, complaining of hunger and thirst, saying in a video clip on Facebook: “We can't find food. We can't find food. We can't find it. Flour. I'm dying of “hungry.” We (want) to eat, we want to drink. We (want) a solution. “

A video clip shows the harsh living conditions and hunger eroding the innocence of children in Gaza following continued bombardment of the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip.

In a video clip posted on Facebook, a displaced woman in Rafah, southern Gaza, complained that the bread they were eating had sand mixed in with it and she began screaming with hunger, saying: “I swear to God, we Never find yourself broken.” “Our fast. This is the bread we eat, O rulers of Arabia.”

Yesterday on Tuesday, Francesca Albanese, the Special Rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, posted on the X platform, “I never thought we would witness mass famine on this scale in the 21st century. However, this is Gaza Case.”

“After 100 days of bombing, without enough food, fuel and water,” Albanese added, “children die first. Adults will follow. Right before our eyes.”

On December 30, Thomas White, director of Gaza affairs of UNRWA, said, “People in Gaza City are starving and desperately looking for food. 40% of the population is at risk of starvation.”

Dr. Rami Abdo, head of the Euro-Mediterranean Observatory for Human Rights, said in a statement to Al Jazeera that they had received “reports of children dying of hunger due to health problems in UNRWA schools in the southern Gaza Strip. “. Complications caused by malnutrition. “

Updated on December 7 last year world food program forTo the United Nations He has repeatedly warned of a “looming humanitarian catastrophe” in the Gaza Strip, saying in a statement that “a new round of war in Gaza will exacerbate the catastrophic hunger crisis.”

“Gaza has almost no food and water supplies, and only a fraction of what is needed is able to cross the border,” said WFP Executive Director Cindy McCain. “As winter sets in, shelters are unsafe and overcrowded, and there is a lack of adequate supplies.” Without access to clean water, civilians face the possibility of immediate starvation. “

McCain added that “current hunger needs cannot be met through one operational crossing, and the only hope is to open another safe corridor for humanitarian aid to provide essential food for life in the Gaza Strip,” a U.N. official said . This was also confirmed by other local and international organizations concerned with the Rafah crossing, which is not prepared to provide additional trucks.

Ismail Al-Thawabta, director of the Government Media Office, said that the department needs a thousand trucks every day to deliver real aid and supplies to meet the real priorities and needs of the people. One million liters of fuel are consumed every day.

The head of the World Food Program said Palestine Samir Abdul Jaber said, “Our ability to deliver bread to those in need or transport food has severely deteriorated, and this has stopped life in Gaza. People are suffering from hunger.”

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