Gaza’s destruction repeats itself in Jenin with pictures


Since the Israeli occupying forces began their aggression against the Gaza Strip on October 7, Israel’s attacks on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank have not stopped.

According to official Palestinian sources, the occupying forces have intensified raids and arrests in West Bank towns, resulting in 246 Palestinian martyrs, more than 3,000 injured, and 3,325 arrested, including 125 women.

The centers of these towns are the city and camp of Jenin, which the occupying forces have declared a military restricted area and have deployed large reinforcements and bulldozers there, having previously stormed the city from multiple fronts.

The occupying forces raided several neighborhoods, placed snipers on the roofs of some high-rise buildings, surrounded the Jenin refugee camp from all sides, destroyed infrastructure, deliberately bulldozed roads, and disrupted water and sewage networks.

Following the offensive on Gaza hospitals, occupation tanks surrounded all hospitals in the refugee camp, impeding the movement of medical equipment, patients and their families. Residents and doctors fear that hospitals and buildings will be targeted, and that the fate of medical facilities will mirror that of their counterparts in the Gaza Strip.

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