The most prominent developments on day 54 of Israel’s war on Gaza


The 54th day of the Israeli war… Gaza StripIsrael and Islamic resistance exchange viewsagitation) The sixth batch of detainees humanitarian armistice agreement The agreement was signed with Qatari mediation and Egyptian-American support.

The Israeli Prison Service said 30 Palestinian prisoners, 15 women and 15 children will be released on the sixth and final day of the truce. Meanwhile, Israel Channel 12 reported that the sixth batch of Israeli detainees included 12 prisoners, including 5 children and 7 women.

Meanwhile, Qatar and the United States continued diplomatic efforts in Doha to extend the truce, while Hamas expressed its willingness to reach a comprehensive prisoner exchange agreement with Israel.

Here are the most noteworthy developments on Day 54:

  • Bloomberg: Qatar and U.S. pressure to extend Gaza ceasefire.
  • Israeli military spokesman: The army is ready to continue fighting.
  • Pentagon: A U.S. ship shot down a Houthi march.
  • The occupation raided the homes of families of Palestinian prisoners about to be released in Jerusalem.
  • Al Jazeera: The Red Cross has handed over two Russian detainees released by Hamas to Egypt.
  • Turkish Foreign Minister: Israel’s attack on Gaza constitutes a war crime.
  • Jordan: Israel believes the Security Council’s silence is an attempt to cover up its crimes.
  • Egypt’s foreign minister warns residents of Gaza not to be displaced
  • Russia: The West treats Palestinians as second-class citizens.
  • WHO: Epidemic threatens Gaza.
  • Israel’s chief of staff approved plans to continue ground exercises in Gaza.
  • The release of the sixth batch of Israeli prisoners begins.
  • Hamas: Execution of two children by occupying forces in Jenin was a horrific crime.
  • China: Renewed fighting in Gaza will lead to disaster
  • Israeli official: Truce may extend beyond this week.
  • Israeli officials have demanded the release of all detained women and children in order to extend the ceasefire.
  • Guterres: Health situation in Gaza shelters is scary.
  • Qassam Brigades: 3 detainees killed in previous Israeli bombings.
  • Qatar is optimistic about extending the truce between Hamas and Israel.
  • Occupying forces announced that two prominent leaders of the Jenin refugee camp had been assassinated.
  • Quds Force: We had a confrontation with the occupying forces in Jenin and inflicted heavy losses on them.
  • Blinken: We’re going to focus on trying to extend the armistice.
  • Within 24 hours, occupying forces arrested 35 Palestinians in the West Bank.
  • The Emir of Qatar stressed the importance of reaching a permanent ceasefire.
  • Israeli vehicles fire on Gaza.
  • Erdogan: Gaza situation amounts to genocide.
  • Gaza City: Occupation destroyed central archives and executed thousands of historical documents.
  • Gaza Ministry of Health: Occupation prevents fuel from entering hospitals.
  • The field hospital that arrived in Gaza has not yet been put into use.
  • WHO: 1.3 million people living in shelters in Gaza.
  • Israeli gunboats target Khan Younis, south of Gaza.
  • World Food Program: Gaza residents face “famine” threat.
  • Barak: Netanyahu must step down, his government is leading us toward endless war.
  • Ben Gvir calls for “disloyal” football players to have their Israeli citizenship revoked.
  • Russia: US policies have a destructive effect on the escalation between Palestine and Israel.
  • Occupation forces attacked the Aqabat Jabr and Ain Sultan camps in Jericho.
  • Hamas has called for demonstrations on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.
  • G7 foreign ministers support extension of Gaza ceasefire agreement.
  • Prisoner Institutions: 3,290 people have been arrested since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Flood campaign.
  • Hamas calls on media to investigate the extent of destruction in Gaza.
  • Washington: There is no evidence that Hamas uses American prisoners as a pressure tactic.
  • Smotrich: Stopping the war in Gaza is a plan to eliminate Israel.

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