The most prominent developments on day 49 of Israel’s war on Gaza

On the 49th day of Israel’s invasion of the Gaza Strip, the humanitarian truce agreement officially came into effect at 7:00 local time.

Today, the process of implementing the terms of the agreement includes the handover of 13 Israeli detainees to the Palestinian resistance in Gaza, as well as foreign workers outside the agreement, namely 10 Thai and Filipino workers outside the framework of the armistice agreement, in exchange for the release by Israel of 39 women and children. Notably, Israel has taken strict measures to ban Palestinians from expressing joy in the West Bank. In accordance with the agreement, humanitarian aid has been brought in through the Rafah crossing.

These are the most significant developments today:

  • Biden: Humanitarian deal is just the beginning and has been passed peacefully so far
  • The city government of Barcelona has severed ties with Israel.
  • UK: Israel is not safe unless the Palestinian people are safe.
  • Qatar Foreign Ministry: We confirm that 39 women and children held in Israeli prisons have been released.
  • Qatar Foreign Ministry: The Red Cross has received 24 civilians detained in Gaza.
  • Several towns in Jerusalem were attacked to prevent the prisoners from receiving celebrations.
  • Reuters reporter: Israel summons Spanish and Belgian ambassadors.
  • The Qassam Brigades handed over 24 detainees, including Thai workers.
  • Occupying forces attacked Al Jazeera journalists in front of the home of prisoner Amani Al-Hashim.
  • Ben Gwire calls on police to prevent victory photos of Palestinian prisoners from being taken.
  • Israeli media: Israeli prisoners handed over to Egypt.
  • Spain: We may decide unilaterally to recognize the Palestinian state.
  • UK: Israel must prevent settler violence in West Bank.
  • Israeli Foreign Minister: We will resume war until Hamas is eliminated.
  • Ismail Haniyeh: We affirm that we are committed to the implementation of the armistice and its success as long as the enemy promises to comply.
  • Before withdrawing, occupying forces blew up Shifa hospital facilities.
  • Abu Hamza: As long as the enemy abides by the truce, the Quds Force will abide by the truce.
  • Two people were killed and injured as residents attempted to return to northern Gaza.
  • Sisi: The top priority now is to contain the escalation of the situation.
  • Erdogan: International community failed to confront Israeli atrocities.
  • Islamic Jihad: We will later force the enemy into a major confrontation.
  • Maarif poll: Ruling Likud losing about half of electoral strength.
  • Intersection Authority Spokesperson: The amount of truck traffic coming in now is one-fifth of what used to come in every day.
  • A ceasefire agreement takes effect in the Gaza Strip.
  • Journalist Amal Zuhd and her family were killed in an Israeli bombing.
  • Israeli forces raid Indonesian hospitals and launch separate attacks.
  • More than 100 Russians were evacuated from Gaza on a special plane.
  • When the truce began, trucks of diesel and natural gas were delivered to Gaza daily.

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