The most prominent developments on day 48 of Israel’s war on Gaza

Day 48 of Israeli aggression Gaza StripQatar’s Foreign Ministry announced that the truce agreement between Israel and Palestinian resistance factions will enter into force at 7 a.m. local time on Friday.

As announced by the spokesman of the brigade, Abu Ubaida Izzy al-Din Kassam -The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (agitationSince the beginning of the aggression, the resistance movement has targeted 335 Zionist vehicles, including 33 vehicles in the past 72 hours.

The Gaza Government Media Office reported that since the beginning of the aggression, the number of martyrs has increased to 14,854, including 6,150 children and 4,000 women, the number of injured has increased to more than 36,000, and the number of missing people has reached nearly 7,000.

Here are the most noteworthy developments on Day 48:

  • Israel: Hamas will use the truce to conduct psychological warfare.
  • Violent clashes broke out in western Gaza between the resistance movement and the occupation forces.
  • Israeli Defense Minister: We will resume fighting after truce.
  • Gaza Government Media: We demand aid and fuel to the north and south of the Gaza Strip.
  • Israel bombed a school housing displaced people in Jabaliya, leaving martyrs and injured.
  • Abu Ubaida: Since the beginning of the aggression, we have targeted 335 Zionist vehicles.
  • Sisi: Palestinian displacement from Gaza to Egypt is a red line.
  • Hezbollah targeted occupying forces in Al-Malikiyah and announced the killing of four people in the Al-Manara settlement with missiles.
  • Netanyahu’s office: We received a list of hostages to be released.
  • Qatar: Gaza truce begins on Friday morning.
  • Borrell: Israel needs a Palestinian state.
  • Qassam: We are having intense clashes with the enemy in the Juhr al-Dik area.
  • The occupation destroyed three mosques in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.
  • The occupation confirmed the arrest of the director of Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital.
  • A martyr in Ramallah brought the death toll in the West Bank to 228.
  • Members of Israel’s small ministerial team: We are ready to extend the truce to 10 days.
  • Report: Israel’s cost of Gaza war could reach $48 billion.
  • The death toll of UNRWA employees in Gaza has risen to 108.
  • Gaza Red Cross: Hospitals turned into cemeteries and battlefields.
  • Occupation forces have sent military reinforcements to the Barata camp in the West Bank.
  • Hamas condemned the arrest of the director and medical staff of Shifa Hospital.
  • Israeli officials: 1,600 soldiers have been disabled since the outbreak of the Gaza war.
  • Gaza Health Department: We have decided to stop coordinating the evacuation of the wounded with the World Health Organization.
  • Civil defense personnel in Beit Lahiya were attacked, resulting in injuries.
  • World Food: 2.2 million people in Gaza need emergency food aid.
  • Prisoners’ Club: Occupation forces arrest 90 Palestinians in the West Bank.
  • The Upper Galilee settlements suffered the worst bombing since the war began.
  • Al Jazeera: The occupying forces are preparing to forcibly evacuate the stranded people at Shifa Hospital.
  • Gaza Health Authority: Occupation warns us to evacuate Indonesian hospitals.
  • The Quds Force attacked 11 military vehicles in various areas of Gaza.
  • Washington announces it shot down drone launched from Yemen.
  • Official: Delay in releasing hostages is due to small details.
  • Hezbollah confirmed that five of its members were killed in southern Lebanon.
  • Biden: Iran-affiliated militias target us in Iraq and Syria.
  • The United States and the international community are working to establish a safe zone in the southern Gaza Strip.
  • Occupation: We expect to receive thousands of people suffering from post-war shock in Gaza.

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