Israeli Defense Minister: Gaza war may last another two months

Israeli Defense Minister Yov Galant predicted on Thursday that the fighting would continue… Gaza Strip Two months later, occupation spokesman Daniel Hagari stated that Israel’s goal was to dismantle the Islamic resistance (agitation) and “rescue the hostages and continue the war in stages.”

“This will be a short respite, and when it ends, the fighting will continue to rage,” the Israel Broadcasting Authority quoted Galant as saying.

“We will work to repatriate more abductees and the fighting is expected to continue for another two months,” he added.

During a visit to the “Atlit” naval base, he said that the army “will eliminate the movement of Hamas as a military and governmental framework, and it has been clear in the early stages of this operation that it only understands force”. like he said.

Israeli Army spokesman Daniel Hagari
Hagari: This deal will be the beginning of the return of the abductees and then we will resume fighting again (Al Jazeera)

An Israeli military spokesman said the broad outlines of the truce with Hamas – due to begin tomorrow morning, Friday – were not final and could change, saying it was the start of the return of prisoners and then “we will resume fighting again.” .”

Hagari claimed that Hamas would try to exploit the agreement and the quiet days to spread what he called disinformation and psychological warfare.

Regarding the death toll of the Israeli army, Hagari said that since October 7 last year, 392 families of soldiers have been informed of the killing of their sons, but did not specify the number of people who died in the ground battle that began on the 27th. Same month.

Regarding the northern front, the spokesman said that the situation there may erupt at any time, and the Israeli army will attack “strongly” and respond to the source of rocket launches in southern Lebanon.

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