Has Western support for Ukraine entered a recession?Russian experts answer policy

Moscow- Signs of apparent gradual decline in Western military support begin to emerge for ukraineThis is the summary confirmed by Russian observers when talking about the next phase of the war with Kiev, which they confirm will be in the interests of the Russian military.

The US Newsweek magazine confirmed in this issue that Europe generally believes that providing military assistance to Ukraine is “futile” in the context of the Ukrainian armed forces’ counterattack being completely ineffective, which further confirms these conclusions. Released at the end of October. Last October.

On November 21, the U.S. ABC TV channel quoted an unnamed Ukrainian official as saying that Kyiv was concerned about the reduction in U.S. arms supplies in view of differences in the U.S. Congress over continuing to provide assistance to Kyiv. did not receive … – according to the magazine – the necessary basic ammunition and risk paying a high price in the ongoing operations against the Russian army.

new facts

Russian observers pointed out that the sentiment of Western military and political experts about Ukraine’s prospects has begun to change rapidly, and more and more voices have begun to admit that Ukraine’s victory over Russia was unexpected, which has raised questions about the reasons behind the changes. Why has the West begun to admit that time is on Russia’s side?

Military expert and retired colonel Viktor Lytevkin said that the shortage of weapons and ammunition for the Ukrainian armed forces will intensify. He confirmed in an interview with Al Jazeera, “Ukraine now lacks almost everything, including missiles, personnel, air support, plus ammunition. Supplies were reduced, resulting in a significant reduction in fire support for the troops.

Lyutvkin also continued to express the “failure of counterattack” and said that Ukraine spent about 2.5 million rounds of artillery shells on the front line in 2022, while there are still 20,000 rounds of 155mm artillery shells in German warehouses, and Germany is one of the main donors to the Ukrainian army. one. France produces less than 40,000 rounds of artillery shells per month, and the United States plans to reach 90,000 rounds of artillery shells per month by 2025.

Liutvkin said that this shows that Western support is actually unable to meet the needs of the Ukrainian army. He also pointed out the problem of faulty Western equipment, which has caused problems for the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian army does not have enough ability to repair it and faces There is a lack of professionals capable of doing this.

The military expert concluded that the counterattack has not yet achieved a major breakthrough because the Russian army has advanced defense systems, multi-layered fortifications and created numerical superiority through mobilization.

Color revolution?

Nikolaev District Council representative Maxim Nevinchany confirmed that the West already believes President Vladimir Zelensky This has become his burden after the failed bet to weaken and destroy Russia.

In his interview with Al Jazeera, he went on to say that he “expects that unrest will begin in Ukraine and that a new version of Maidan under Western management will overthrow Zelensky and put new elite officials in power, especially in the military, who will Be prepared to stop the war with Russia and sign a permanent peace agreement with her.

Responding to a question about whether Ukrainian public opinion can accept the new geopolitical reality represented by Crimea and the four regions that joined Russia, Nevinchany explained that “more than ever, people want to return to normal life , and war, compulsory military service and… corruption of power are fundamental considerations in determining Ukraine’s street stance.”

wrong calculation

In turn, political analyst Vladimir Olchenko believes that supporting Ukrainian troops on the battlefield did not bring any positive results for Kyiv and the West, but instead turned into reports showing the loss of Western equipment that cost There’s a lot of money, and that’s what Europeans now see as a reason to oppose this situation. Continue to support Ukraine.

Olchenko said: “When the United States encourages countries to NATO Collective and individual military aid to Ukraine, the argument put forward by the Americans that aid must be delivered quickly to Kiev also succeeded, since this would lead to Russia’s exhaustion and the resolution of the conflict in the interests of the West, but this assumption has now Exhausted,” as he put it.

The political analyst believes that Europe is increasingly realizing the absurdity and futility of spending money to provide military aid to Ukraine, with many even saying that they actually have nothing to offer, as a way to avoid any new U.S. appeals to Ukraine convenient strategy. Help Ukraine.

The political analyst concluded that this outcome is logical, since all the money that could have been used for social support, investment or development in these countries ended up being spent on weapons destroyed in Ukraine, but this did not This does not mean that Kyiv’s military assistance to these countries will stop, but the amount will be smaller than before.

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