UN rapporteur: Criticism of Israel does not mean anti-Semitic message

UN rapporteur expresses concern over wave of criminalization, punishment and reprisals against people who express solidarity with Israeli war victims Gaza Strip They warned around the world that it violated free speech and created a climate of fear for participation in public life.

A statement signed by the UN rapporteur yesterday said: “Calls for an end to violence and attacks in Gaza, humanitarian ceasefires and criticism of Israeli government policies and actions are in many cases misleadingly equated with support for terrorism or antisemitism“.

The UN rapporteur said in a statement that journalists and media organizations critical of Israel’s war against the Palestinians, as well as supporters of occupied Palestine, are being threatened and discriminated against in Israel and Western countries.

The statement was led by UN rapporteurs Alexandra Xanthaki, Farida Shahid, Clement Nyalitsosi Fall and Signed by Irene Khan, she warned that these practices had a negative impact on journalistic diversity, which is one of the foundations of press freedom. The right to obtain information that affects public opinion.

The UN rapporteur’s statement explains that the trend towards banning and criminalizing pro-Palestinian demonstrations is very worrying and describes them as hate demonstrations, indicating that this is often done without providing evidence-based justification, and relying on risk accusations to threaten national security.

They warned that these practices violated the right to protest guaranteed by Article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and undermined democratic and peaceful efforts.

On the other hand, the Rapporteur notes that there has been a recent increase in anti-Semitic rhetoric and intolerance among supporters of Israel and its sympathizers following the attacks on Israel on October 7 last year.

The statement stressed the need to respect people’s right to expression, the right to solidarity with victims of gross human rights violations and the right to demand justice.

Since Israel’s aggression in Gaza has killed more than 14,000 Palestinians, mostly children and women, many European countries have issued resolutions banning demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine and demanding that Arab attacks on Gaza cease.

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