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Occupied Jerusalem—— The occupation authorities made special preparations Jerusalem Prisoner exchange agreement reached tonight between the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Israel.

Preparatory work was initiated under direct instructions from the Israeli Minister of National Security itama ben gvir He ordered the police to suppress any joyful demonstrations, receptions and gatherings in the city, while releasing Jerusalemites whose names included “we will not allow joyful demonstrations in Jerusalem,” he threatened.

In addition, it was noted that a large number of Israeli flags were flown in the eastern part of the city, especially in the Arab neighborhoods mixed with settlements, as well as in areas near the historic city walls, especially near the Islamic Yusufiya. Cemetery near Lions Gate (one of the gates of the Old City).

JERUSALEM - Occupiers impose strict measures and release children and female prisoners as part of a swap deal with Hamas in front of the Al-Maskobiyya detention prison crossing on February 24, 2023 // Exclusive report by Al Jazeera Network
JERUSALEM – Occupiers take strict measures to release children and female prisoners as part of a swap deal with Hamas in front of the Al-Maskobiyya detention prison intersection on February 24, 2023 // Exclusive report by Al Jazeera Network)

Batch recall

The names of the cubs and female captives were announced today Friday (they are from the Jerusalem governorate) and the occupation intelligence services immediately summoned their families to the Al-Mascobiyya interrogation center in the west of the city and on the road leading to the Jerusalem governorate. The center was closed to hinder the arrival and gathering of Jerusalemites and media in front of it.

Not satisfied with this, the occupying forces also deliberately attacked the towns of Jabal Mukaber and Beit Hanina, where the four female prisoners were held, and evacuated the homes of the few relatives and news staff who had gathered to receive them. , some of whom gathered near the house.

Some families have also been threatened not to speak to the media, as was the case with the family of Jabal Mukaber prisoner Zeina Abdo, and the candy confiscated from the home of Beit Hanina prisoner Amani Al-Hashim, who was preparing to distribute the candy to people in the well. . -Wish Maker.

Sawsan Bakir, the mother of prisoner Marah Bakir, told Al Jazeera that her husband was summoned to the Al-Maskobiyya Investigation Center for questioning this afternoon, adding that his mobile phone It was always switched off, so she lost contact with him and couldn’t reach him. She was aware of the conditions of her daughter’s release, and she entered the prison as a 16-and-a-half-year-old girl. A baby girl also emerged from prison through her mother’s eyes, despite being 24 years old.

Sassan Bakir added that she did not plan to organize any reception for her daughter who was freed in the agreement because the country was going through extraordinary circumstances and that for her, it was important for Mara to be free, hug her and sleep with her The side is enough. After eight years of forced absence.

Terms and Commitments

Muhammad Mahmoud, a lawyer at the Wadi Hilweh Information Center, told Al Jazeera that families of Jerusalem prisoners were summoned to the “Room 4” area of ​​Al-Maskobiyya, where each guardian was scheduled to attend on Sunday, according to a prepared plan. Bring your daughter or son from the investigation center to your home unaccompanied.

Lawyer Mahmoud added that a number of conditions were imposed on the people, including their promise not to organize any rallies or celebrations or show any sign of joy or reception, in addition to being prohibited from raising flags or shouting slogans, which would Expose their identities and pursue legal responsibility.

Mahmoud did not rule out preventing family members in Jerusalem and released prisoners from making any statements to the media, given the old and new restrictions on prisoners after they are released from prison.

It is worth noting that on the first day of the exchange agreement, Jerusalem’s share reached 11 people, including two children and 9 female prisoners, led by Marla Bakr, the representative of female prisoners in Damon Prison, who was sentenced to 8 and a half years The incarceration is expected to be released next April.

The phenomenon of resistance to the joy of releasing Jerusalem prisoners dates back to 2015, when prisoners began to be harassed, rearrested immediately after their release, and then released again under certain conditions, including blocking celebrations and deporting them. Jerusalem has not given interviews to the media for several weeks.

According to the Jerusalem Committee for Families of Prisoners, the immediate goal of these measures is clearly to curb the joy that families feel over the release of their children.

The committee believes that the most dangerous strategic goal is to make Jerusalem society fearful of gathering around prisoners and rejecting them, and to besiege any Palestinian national activity in Jerusalem.

She said the restrictions were not limited to released prisoners and their families, but also included young people arrested for attending prisoner release celebrations and raising party flags during the celebrations.

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