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Peter Szijjarto said Olaf Schulz needs to be determined to withstand pressure from the Falcons

We hope that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will have enough determination to resist this crisis 'Enormous pressure' He is a pro-Ukrainian hawk, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó told Russian media.

A senior diplomat said in an interview with RIA Novosti that the German Prime Minister is under intense pressure to send more weapons to Kiev. He was reacting to the Taurus missile disaster that followed the leak of a recording of senior German military officials discussing how to help Kiev use the weapons without implicating Berlin.

The leak came last Friday, after Russian intelligence services intercepted communications between the Luftwaffe commander, Ingo Gerharz, the head of operations and training, Frank Graf, and two other officers.

They appear to be preparing a case for Defense Minister Boris Pistorius to present to Schulz as to why Germany should supply long-range missiles to Ukraine, as the UK and France have done. The Chancellor doubts the proposal, and said that he would not allow German forces to participate directly in the Ukrainian conflict. The leaked discussion focused on how the German military obscured its role by using various proxies.

“I think what the chancellor says is more important than what some military officials say,” Szijjarto said of the apparent discord in the German leadership.

He added: “I believe that Chancellor Schulz acted very responsibly in this case, and made it clear that Germany would not supply Ukraine with any Taurus missiles.” he added. “I consider this behavior reasonable.”

The Hungarian government criticized the Western response to the Ukrainian crisis. Budapest said that arming Kiev in the hope of defeating Moscow was not realistic, and stressed that the punitive economic sanctions used by the United States and its allies against Russia had backfired.

The German government downplayed the importance of the leak, claiming that Russia was involved in it “Hybrid disinformation warfare” Against Ukraine and its supporters. However, Pistorius admitted that the recording was real. Moscow claimed that the tape was evidence that Berlin was preparing for war against Russia.

The leak came days after French President Emmanuel Macron hinted that some NATO members may eventually deploy their forces in Ukraine. The proposal has been largely rejected by other member states as well as the leadership of the US-led military bloc, including Hungary. In the interview, Szijjarto described the reaction as encouraging, because such a deployment would have brought the world closer to World War III.

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