Israel announces readiness to extend Gaza ceasefire, prisoner exchange to begin on Thursday


Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen said today Wednesday that the first batch of Israelis held by the Islamic Resistance Movement will be released (agitation) exist Gaza Strip Meetings are due to start tomorrow on Thursday, while another Israeli source said there was a possibility of extending the temporary humanitarian truce to release more detainees.

“The release of the first batch of Israeli hostages will begin tomorrow (Thursday),” Cohen said in an interview with Israel Army Radio, without giving a specific time for their release.

Commenting on today’s announcement of a humanitarian ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, Israel’s foreign minister said, “This is not a ceasefire, but a four-day ceasefire aimed at the release of our abductees.”

In this context, Al Jazeera journalists stated that the Israeli Prison Service is preparing to start releasing Palestinian prisoners on the government list.

Israel is ready to extend the humanitarian truce in Gaza to allow more citizens to evacuate, an adviser to the Israeli prime minister said.

The State of Qatar announced in the early hours of Wednesday that Egypt and the United States’ joint mediation efforts between Israel and the Hamas movement were successful and led to an agreement. reach agreement The humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip will last for four days and can be extended. The start time of the truce will be announced in the next 24 hours.

The deal included a first phase exchange of 50 civilian women and children prisoners in the Gaza Strip in exchange for the release of some Palestinian women and children held in Israeli prisons. The ceasefire agreement will also allow for greater entry of humanitarian convoys and relief assistance, including fuel earmarked for humanitarian needs.

Commenting on the deal, political researcher Moin Manna said the… protocol The humanitarian truce in Gaza announced today, Wednesday, represents the result of the victory of the Palestinian resistance movement, which was able to encircle the Israeli occupying forces in specific locations and exhaust their forces, an insult to the “Zionist entity” and a threat to the United States in posed a threat to influence in the region and ended a 200-year-old effort by Britain and France.

In a statement released exclusively to Al Jazeera, Manner added: “The last week of Israeli aggression has been a week of sheer attrition, and even the pace of bombing and massacres carried out by the enemy is indicative of the state of stalemate it is experiencing and the occupation’s military use of A serious state of bleeding in terms of vehicles, whether tanks, vehicles or personnel carriers, as well as elite soldiers and elite officers.”

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