Israel bombs martyrs in central Gaza, news of resistance taking new toll on occupation

Al Jazeera journalists reported that some Palestinians were killed when Israel bombed residential homes in the town of Zawaida and other communities in the central Gaza Strip. Gaza Since dawn on Saturday, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, announced the targeting of nine Israeli vehicles, clashes with infantry and killed soldiers in the eastern Al-Tuffah community In Gaza City.

In the Al-Manara neighborhood of Khan Younis, the number of martyrs in an Israeli bombing targeting a house in the neighborhood rose to 18, with 15 more Palestinians killed and dozens injured. Since dawn today, Israel has continued to bombard the homes of citizens in the central region.

An Al Jazeera reporter said that Israel carried out a bomb attack on a house in Deir al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, killing three other martyrs and injuring many others. It also caused 35 martyrs to fall and more than 60 people to be injured. Israel's bombardment of the center of the Gaza Strip over the past few hours.

Also in the town of Zawaida in the central Gaza Strip, Israel bombed the house of the Zawaida family in the town, resulting in the death of some Palestinians and injuries to others. While some residents of the house remain trapped under the rubble, rescue and civil defense personnel face great difficulties in rescuing and recovering victims due to a severe lack of necessary capabilities and equipment.

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In the Al-Tuffah neighborhood of eastern Gaza, the Gaza Strip Government Media Office announced that occupying forces had dug 1,100 graves in the Al-Tuffah cemetery and stolen 150 bodies.

The office said in a statement that it “found that the occupying forces added a new crime to the long list of crimes committed during the genocidal war by exhuming some 1,100 graves in a cemetery near Al Tufa. The Palestinian people have launched new crimes.” In eastern Gaza, the occupying agencies bulldozed them, removed the bodies of martyrs and dead from their bodies, and trampled on them. “Her dignity was insulted and there was no regard for the sanctity of the deceased or the grave.”

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The Izz al-Din Qassam Martyrs Brigades were declared the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement agitation Targeting nine Israeli vehicles and clashing with infantry, its jihadists clashed with infantry and killed soldiers in the Al-Tuffah neighborhood in eastern Gaza City. The Qassam Brigade also announced that its fighters targeted occupation vehicles in Khan Younis with mortars.

In the town of Kuzaa, east of Khan Yunis, the Qassam Brigade targeted an Israeli bulldozer with “Yassin 105” artillery shells. They have also targeted Qassam militants in joint operations with the Quds Force, the movement's military wing. Islamic JihadThree Israeli Merkava tanks fired “Al-Yassin 105” and “Tandum” shells in the Ma'an area of ​​Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip.

In the Al-Zinna area east of Khan Yunis, Qassam militants detonated anti-personnel bombs at two Israeli forces, one stationed in a house and the other advancing towards the entrance of a tunnel, causing Casualties. Also in the Al-Zinna area, Al-Qassam announced that it had targeted an Israeli “Nimr” troop carrier with an “Al-Yassin” missile. 105″.

The Qassam Brigades broadcast images of what they said was a gathering of enemy vehicles and soldiers targeting the Gilm area in the northern Gaza Strip.

As for the Quds Force, it announced that its fighters bombarded an Israeli military crowd in the Mahata area of ​​Khan Yunis governorate with large-caliber mortar shells. The Quds Force also released scenes of its fighters targeting Israeli troops. Number of Israeli vehicles on the Al-Taqaddim axis in the Al-Tuffah and Al-Daraj neighborhoods east of Gaza City.

The Israeli army announced that 15 soldiers were injured in Gaza in the past 24 hours, and an Israeli military spokesman said that the army was working to improve the performance of the troops.

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