As Israel's aggression against Gaza continues… what is the most prominent event in the world today? | News

In light of the Israeli aggression against Gaza and the follow-up that many are concerned about; there is no shortage of news and other developments in the world that may be important to its readership, which is why Al Jazeera is interested in providing them with this service.

Here are the most important world news for today, Saturday, January 6, besides the war in Gaza:

The remains of a Dagger missile shot down by a Ukrainian defense system over Kiev last year (Reuters)

Moscow announces foiled Crimea and Black Sea attacks

Russia's Defense Ministry said its air defense systems shot down missiles and drones in a series of nighttime attacks. Crimea and western region black sea.

Ukraine has recently stepped up its attacks on Russian targets in and around the Crimean peninsula.

On the other hand, Kiev yesterday evening released photos of what it said were Russian “hypersonic missile” types.kinjalIt confirmed that its forces shot down 10 of the aircraft last Tuesday amid heavy strikes from US Patriot air defense systems.

Japan earthquake new death toll

The death toll from Japan's New Year's Day earthquake has risen to 100, with more than 200 people still missing, official statistics reported on Saturday.

On the sixth day, the search for survivors under collapsed buildings continued, with more than 30,000 evacuees waiting for help.

The earthquake off Japan's west coast is the country's deadliest in nearly eight years.

Libyan prosecutors: Negligence led to Derna dam collapse

Libyan prosecutors have released the results of their investigation into the flood disaster that hit the city of Derna (east) last September and killed thousands of people.

In a statement on its Facebook page titled “Results of the investigation into the flooding incident in Wadi Derna”, the Prosecutor's Office noted negligence in the maintenance of the “Al-Bilad” and “Sidi Bou Mansour” dams in Derna following Hurricane Daniel. leading to its collapse, indicating that the total death toll in the city was 4,540, including 576 foreigners.

Trump responds to Biden's accusations against him at Iowa election rally (French)

Biden and Trump attack each other at two election rallies

US President Joe Biden attacked his potential Republican rival in the upcoming presidential election, Donald Trump, at an election rally in Pennsylvania, accusing him of threatening democracy and adopting “Nazi” rhetoric.

Trump responded in a speech in Iowa, accusing Biden of failing to run the country and accusing him of corruption and using his power to target him politically.

South Korean minister rules out reducing U.S. troops even if Trump returns

South Korean Unification Minister Kim Young-ho said the United States is unlikely to reduce the number of troops deployed in South Korea even if former President Donald Trump wins the next presidential election, scheduled for November next year.

Kim Jong Un attributed this to the fact that the U.S. Congress had already decided on the matter in the recently approved defense bill, and said that strengthening ties between Seoul, Washington and Tokyo would help overcome any political changes in the United States.

The fire broke out as the train was en route to the capital Dhaka (Reuters)

“Arson” kills many before Bangladesh election

Bangladesh police said on Saturday that a suspected arson attack on a passenger train killed at least four people, including a child, on the eve of an election that is boycotted by the main opposition party, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party.

Eight people were injured when fire spread to four carriages on the Benapole Express train bound for Dhaka on Friday night.

US police officer sentenced to 14 years in prison for killing black youth

A white American police officer named Randy Ruedema was sentenced to 14 months in prison for his role in the murder of Elijah McClain, a young black man. Elijah McClain was a young black man who died in 2019 after being suffocated by an injection of the sedative ketamine during an arrest in Aurora (West), Colorado.

Rudema was found guilty of manslaughter last October and received a suspended four-year prison sentence, while two other police officers sought in connection with the same case were acquitted.

The victim, Elijah McClain, died of a heart attack three days after his arrest. During the arrest, police choked him and two paramedics forcibly injected him with a powerful sedative. The two paramedics were tried separately and found guilty of manslaughter. They are awaiting sentencing in December.

Taiwan: Chinese balloons threaten aviation safety

Taiwan's Defense Ministry on Saturday accused China of threatening aviation security and waging psychological warfare against Taiwanese residents after a recent wave of balloons were spotted near or over the island just days before important elections.

Taiwan is on high alert against China's military and political activities ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for January 13, with Taipei accusing Beijing of trying to influence those elections knowing that China considers the island part of its territory, while Taiwan Refuse to admit this. Western-backed Taiwanese government.

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