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Israel has taken a step closer to banning Al Jazeera, after it accused a correspondent for the Qatar-based network of working for Hamas.

The Israeli Knesset voted 25 to 4 on Monday in favor of a bill that would allow West Jerusalem to ban foreign media outlets that the Defense Ministry designates as harmful to state security. It is known colloquially as the “Island Law”, in recognition of the port being specifically targeted.

This action came shortly after an Israeli Defense Forces spokesman accused Al Jazeera correspondent Muhammad Wishah of being a terrorist.

“In the morning he is a journalist on Al Jazeera, and in the evening he is a terrorist in Hamas!” Lt. Colonel Avichai Adraee said on X (formerly Twitter), that he posted photos that purportedly show Sash holding a variety of weapons.

The “Al Jazeera Law” was drafted by Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi last year, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared war on Hamas following the Palestinian group's deadly October 7 raid on Israel. Karhi said that Al Jazeera's reporting constitutes “Incitement against Israel, help [for] Hamas, ISIS, and terrorist organizations through their propaganda, encourage violence against Israel.”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken It is said that he asked The government of Qatar has the network “Lower the sound” In its coverage of the conflict in Gaza.

The International Federation of Journalists responded to the Knesset vote by accusing Israel “Using national security as an excuse to restrict critical media that does not corroborate their narrative of the war.” And an attempt to impose censorship on media coverage of what is happening in Gaza.

Two Al Jazeera employees were seriously injured in an Israeli air strike in the southern Gaza Strip on Tuesday. According to the network, correspondent Ismail Abu Omar's leg was amputated, while cameraman Ahmed Matar was injured “Serious injuries to his face”

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller presented it “Our sincere condolences” He told the network in the United States “Complete[s] To work with the Government of Israel to make clear that journalists must be protected.

An estimated 1,200 Israelis were killed in Hamas raids on October 7. Since then, Israeli forces have killed more than 28,000 Palestinians in Gaza, most of them women and children, according to the Health Ministry in the Hamas-run enclave.

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