Israeli media: Hamas is the champion of the West Bank and will win if elections are held now News

Analysis by Israeli media reporters and commentators has focused primarily on the continued management of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). Gaza StripThey believe the method used to release detainees confirms the existence of a leadership body that controls the situation in Gaza.

Channel 13 quoted former Mossad chief Danny Yatom as saying: “… Hamas It still holds its ground and has not suffered major blows,” he said, noting that directives on the ceasefire had been communicated to all Hamas fighters.

As for the head of the “Security” movement, reserve general Amir Afiq, he focused on the Palestinian prisoners released yesterday, saying that they raised the flag of the Hamas movement on the bus and that those who greeted them raised Raising the Palestinian flag “means that Hamas has become the defender of Palestinians.” bank of the west“.

He added that the Hamas movement has liberated prisoners of all factions and “the Hamas movement has become a hero. No one looks up to the authorities,” noting that Israel supports Hamas in the West Bank by focusing on it in Gaza, according to Israel What the general said.

Journalist Ella Hassoun tells Channel 11 what she calls the secret that “Hamas is the defender of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) and it controls Jenin and Tulkarm , which controls (albeit to a lesser extent) much of the West Bank… If elections were held now, Hamas would win.”

In the same context, Israeli journalist Ohid Himo told Channel 12 that he was not surprised that after 52 days of war, the leader of the Hamas movement Yahya Sanwar He is alive and in control of the realm.

He said: “The photos we saw yesterday tell a very important story. Detainees were released from the northern Gaza Strip… I would like to mention that the Israeli army controls the northern Gaza Strip or most of it ,” adding that marches were taking place in Israeli-occupied areas. The strength of Hamas militants there and the large crowds saluting them… This happened openly in broad daylight in the center of Gaza, not in Khan Younis or Rafah…”

According to Israeli journalists, Palestinian militants are reacting to the ceasefire, which “means that Hamas has a fully controlled and still functioning leadership body”, emphasizing that the northern Gaza Strip is the most challenging place for Hamas . view.

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