Jordan: Some countries’ immunity against Israel is gradually disappearing news


Jordanian Prime Minister said Bishr Khasawneh Yesterday Sunday, it was revealed that the immunity enjoyed by some countries that Israel enjoys is gradually disappearing, underlining that his country is moving in this direction.

In an interview with Kingdom Television, Khasawneh added:Jordan He supports Egypt’s refusal to displace Palestinians. Gaza Strip“Any displacement constitutes a reckoning for the Palestinian cause.”

He said they viewed displacement as a fundamental violation of…peace agreementThis “constitutes a reckoning with the Palestinian cause and poses a threat to Jordanian national security.”

Khasawneh explained that the immunity that Israel enjoys from some countries is gradually disappearing, noting that his country is working to end the immunity provided to Israel by “some important countries.”

The Prime Minister said that the political movement of the Saudi leadership has contributed to changes in Western countries’ attitudes towards the situation in Gaza and changes in public sentiment.

Regarding the West Bank, Al-Khasawneh believes there are red lines, including settler violence and any attempt to change the existing reality of Jerusalem’s sacred status.

In response to a question about the possibility of communication with the Islamic resistance movement (agitationAl-Khasawneh replied: “The title of Palestinian legitimacy is Liberation OrganizationIt is the only legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

Regarding the gas agreement with Israel, the Jordanian official explained that it is an agreement between the companies and that so far he has seen no signs of gas interruptions, stressing that they are exploring a range of alternatives in case of gas supplies to him Interrupt. The country stopped.

In early November, against the background of Israel’s aggression in the Gaza Strip, Jordan decided to recall its ambassador to Tel Aviv and refused to return the Israeli ambassador to Jordan.

Amman also announced in mid-October that it would stop signing a water-for-energy agreement with Tel Aviv, a day after Israel launched a bombing near a Jordanian field hospital in the Gaza Strip, injuring seven staff.

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