Just like one… Qatar Charity’s campaign policy to tackle harsh winter starts in Gaza

Doha Qatar Charity has launched a campaign called “Like One Body” to combat the dangers of winter and aims to reach approximately 1.5 million beneficiaries in many countries, especially the Palestinian people. Gaza Strip The country has been under Israeli aggression since October 7 last year.

The cost of the campaign, estimated at around 60 million riyals, focuses on Palestine, as the Gaza Strip is experiencing difficult humanitarian conditions that are worsening with the onset of winter, as well as crisis and disaster areas and disaster-affected areas. Extremely cold.

The campaign aims to meet basic winter needs such as shelter, food, health and water through a variety of products. Blankets, heaters, heating fuel and gas bottles. There are also tents.

Activities in Qatar also aim to provide winter assistance to nearly 4,000 workers, including the distribution of winter bags, food baskets and medical assistance, in addition to organizing awareness-raising activities for workers as part of their efforts to strengthen social fabric. Communicate and appreciate the role these groups play in promoting enhanced infrastructure.

Qatar Charity launches campaign to support Palestine and countries
The campaign focuses on providing basic winter needs (Al Jazeera)

Affected groups

Assistant Chief Executive Officer, Resource Development and Media said Qatar Charity Ahmed Fakhro said that the foundation has been mobilizing and carrying out activities to combat the winter cold, aiming to provide necessary supplies to affected groups such as displaced persons, refugees and poor families to reduce their burden of cold. and extend a helping hand to them, especially those affected in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Fakhro emphasized that the event will focus on countries affected by crises and disasters, as well as the coldest regions, calling for participation in this event to ensure that as many people as possible are reached as much as possible who are affected by crises and those in need around the world, especially It’s in Palestine.

Qatar Charity launches campaign to support Palestine and countries
The event will cover 21 countries, led by Palestine (Al Jazeera)

several areas

This season’s “Like One Body” campaign targets 21 countries around the world, namely: Palestine, Syria, Sudan, Jordan, Bosnia, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan, Albania, Pakistan, and refugees. RohingyaBangladesh, Turkey, Central Africa, Chad, Tunisia, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar.

Last month, Qatar Charity launched the For Palestine campaign to support those suffering in Gaza as a result of Israeli aggression. The campaign provides support in food provision, shelter, non-food, general relief, health and water.

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