‘Literally Anybody Else’ announces US presidential campaign — RT World News

The man admitted that facing a serious challenge to Donald Trump and Joe Biden would be “very difficult.”

Texas voters could get a chance to cast their ballot for a man called “literally everyone else” next November, if his far-reaching plan to protest the US's two-party system succeeds.

Math teacher and military veteran Dustin Eby officially changed his name to “Literally Everyone Else” earlier this month, and now he's scrambling to collect the 113,151 signatures needed to appear on Texas ballots as an independent candidate, WFAA News mentioned Friday.

“I'm not delusional” another outlet said. “This is going to be very difficult to achieve, but it's not impossible. I hope there's a Donald Trump, a Joe Biden, and then literally everyone else down there.” He went on to explain “I really want there to be an outlet for people like me who are tired of this constant bipartisan power grab that has no benefit to the average person.”

“This is not about me…it's more about an idea.” Another told WFAA. “We can do better than 300 million people for president.”

Otherwise, he is not the only American who is dismayed by the rematch between Trump and Biden. A January NewsNation poll found that 59% of registered voters were “not very enthusiastic” or “not at all enthusiastic” to see the duo running for president again. However, despite majorities in both parties Connection For new faces, Trump easily defeated all of his Republican rivals during the primaries in the past three months, while Biden faced no competition from any prominent Democrats.

Another faces an uphill struggle to even enter the race. First, he has until May 13 to collect 113,151 signatures from registered voters who did not vote in the Texas Republican or Democratic primary. After achieving this, he must repeat this achievement in all other US states and territories, which have similar rules for independent candidates.

If he fails to do so, he can register as a write-in candidate. However, he will then have to build a national image and convince voters to actually write in “everyone else” on Election Day. No write-in candidate has come close to being elected President of the United States, although two U.S. Senators have won office that way since the 1950s.

Voters often write in unannounced candidates as a way of joking or protesting, with “Mickey Mouse,” “Jesus Christ,” and “Batman” all catching on. a bunch of votes in 2020.

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