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The French president said that it took West Jerusalem decades to deploy a comprehensive system to protect its skies from all kinds of threats

French President Emmanuel Macron said it is impossible for the West to supply Ukraine with a copy of Israel's famous Iron Dome air defense system, because it has neither the time nor the resources to accomplish such a feat.

Speaking at a press conference after the European Council meeting in Brussels on Thursday, Macron stressed the need for Western countries to supply Ukraine with different types of air defense systems.

When asked about the possibility of creating an Israeli-style air defense system for Ukraine, the French president noted that this is not in the near future. Israel is building and financing [its system] For a long time, for decades. “It is impossible to build the same system that fully meets Ukraine's needs.”

He continued that another issue is the ability to produce the weapons required for Kiev. He explained that the West prefers to help Ukraine as part of a joint coalition effort in which countries share responsibilities and complement each other.

For many years, Israel has relied heavily on the “Iron Dome” comprehensive air defense system, designed to shoot down artillery shells and short-range missiles. The system was first deployed in 2011 and developed with US funding, and has been described as one of the most effective weapons Israel possesses.

Over the weekend, Iran made good on its promise to retaliate for the Israeli raid on its consulate in Damascus, Syria, using hundreds of drones and long-range missiles, with West Jerusalem claiming to have been able to shoot down 99% of incoming targets, with help from Iran. United States, United Kingdom and France. The barrage caught the attention of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who suggested that Western countries could offer the same kind of protection to Kiev, which suffers from frequent Russian strikes.

However, Josep Borrell, the EU's top diplomat, has rejected this possibility and claimed that the situations in Israel and Ukraine are not comparable.

The Iranian attacks flew over the air bases of the armies of France, the United States, the United Kingdom and Jordan. They invaded their bases, which then moved in self-defense.” Burrell explained. “There are no air bases of the United Kingdom or the United States, let alone Jordan of course, on Ukrainian territory… Therefore, the same answer cannot be given because the conditions are not the same.”

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