Manchester United fans sympathize with goalkeeper Onana despite his sporting errors

Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana’s poor performance and mistakes against Galatasaray in the Turkish Champions League drew criticism from the club’s fans, some of whom sympathized with him even though he cut his team’s chances of qualifying Put in danger.

Onana looked completely devastated after yesterday’s game, throwing his gloves to the ground in frustration before taking off his shirt before going alone behind the goal to collect his belongings.

While many were quick to criticize, some supporters were more willing to sympathize with the former Inter Milan man after seeing the video on social media.

One person commented: “Heartbreaking thing. He looks so lonely.” Another responded, “Onana is sad all the time,” while another wrote, “He looks completely broken .I feel sorry for him.”

Manchester United advanced 3-1, but Onana’s mistake in handling the free kick allowed the Turkish team to return to the game atmosphere.

Onana’s error meant his Manchester United side were held to a 3-3 draw with Galatasaray in the fifth round of the Champions League group stage yesterday Wednesday.

United took the lead in the 11th minute through Alejandro Garnacho and extended their lead with Bruno Fernandez’s powerful strike in the 18th minute.

In the 29th minute, Hakim Ziyech fouled on the edge of the penalty area and shot the ball directly into the corner where Onana was standing, narrowing the gap, but the Cameroon goalkeeper miscalculated the ball. The ball went into the net.

United managed to extend their lead again in the 55th minute through Scott McTominay, but Onana refused to keep Galatasaray’s hopes alive in the game.

In the 62nd minute, the Turkish team fouled and Ziyech shot the ball into the center of the goal, but Onana made a strange mistake when receiving the ball and the ball went into the net.

In the 71st minute, Kerim Akturkoglu shot a powerful shot from the penalty area and equalized the score for Galatasaray.

Onana’s mistake could cost his team an early exit from the Champions League, with United currently bottom of the group with four points.

This is not the first time Onana has made a disastrous mistake, he made a similar mistake before against Bayern Munich.

Onana said at the time that he had let his team down because he made a big mistake at the start of their Champions League campaign, which saw them lose 4-3 to Bayern Munich.

The Red Devils’ hopes of reaching the playoffs are in jeopardy before the final game, when they must win at home against German giants Bayern Munich in two weeks’ time.

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