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The famous handshake took place between Mandela and Clark on May 4, 1990, and another famous handshake took place between Arafat and Rabin on September 13, 1993. I firmly believe that the first handshake is one of the most important factors that paves the way for and helps the second handshake happen.

Now imagine what would happen if a white supremacist killed Du Clark? Because he handed over the sacred rights of white people to black “terrorists,” even though white extremists were able to poison Mandela on the eve of his release, he spent twenty-seven years in prison. what happens? What we are seeing in the Middle East now is a raging war between whites and blacks both inside and outside South Africa.

Now imagine the opposite; that is, the Israeli far right failed to assassinate Rabin and poison Arafat, while the Oslo Accords, despite their flaws and even injustice to Palestinians, allowed two Neighbors forced to cooperate were able to cooperate on the Palestinian issue. In fields such as water conservancy and agriculture, we may see a situation similar to that of South Africa today, a country full of trouble but not full of blood.

Many people before me have asked: Why has the history of Palestine not taken the same direction as South Africa?

The power of fools

This is not a single cause, but an extremely complex and overlapping set of historical, religious, cultural and political reasons. There is an element of coincidence and bad luck, which plays a more important role in history than many people imagine.

But there is no doubt that the main factor is the victory of the Israeli right since the 1990s, represented by Netanyahu, and the integration of the ultra-racist right into a government that is running a war of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza, settlements middle. The war in the West Bank, and the prison war where thousands of people are unjustly and aggressively imprisoned.

Italian sociologist Carlo Cipolla said: Any objective judgment of human beings can only be based on their actions and the results of these actions.

According to this indicator, the man said: Humanity is divided into four “races”:

  • Those whose actions bring benefits to themselves and others are wise.
  • Those whose actions are beneficial to themselves and detrimental to others are evil people.
  • Those who act to harm themselves and benefit others are fools.
  • Those whose actions are harmful to themselves and others are fools.

What we are seeing today is the power of the fools on the Israeli right and far right, and all their actions will only bring more harm to their people, to the Palestinian people, to all people in the region, and even to the Palestinian people. world.

Look at the results of their policies, not on the level of Gaza and the West Bank – that’s less of a concern to them – but on their Zionist project, which they consider themselves responsible for, in fact They are making plans. It worked.

The project is built on the painful memory of the persecution of the Jews, culminating in the horrific Holocaust, which is truly a stain on humanity.

But didn’t the extremist Zionists destroy all symbolism of these sufferings, while inflicting horrific suffering on innocent people? Will the people of the world continue to accept the logic that as long as I have been wronged in history, I have the right to be wronged until the end of history?

Israel is a danger to the Jews

The Zionist project was primarily based on the hope of creating a homeland for the Jewish people – not to mention at the expense of other peoples – that would be a safe haven for persecuted Jews and a place where Jewish residents would enjoy security. Has this project been realized? Of course not, the opposite is happening.

It is no exaggeration to say that the most dangerous place for the Jews is Israel. Not only has the war not stopped, but it has intensified and become more intense.

But Israel, led by dangerous fools, is also a danger to Jews outside of Israel. The atrocities committed against the people of Gaza have given rise to hostility towards Jews not only in the Arab and Islamic world, but even in the West itself, which hides behind the same anti-Semitic argument from the Western far right that the issue is against the Children of Israel. Hatred or hatred towards the children of Ishmael.

When U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the October 7 disaster did not erupt out of thin air, he demanded his head. More than one Western political analyst exploded in your face, and you said to him: Stop today with all the horrors you describe, like stop at a frame in a movie, and refuse to watch the movies that came before and after it Same.

They did not want to see the suffocation of two million people over seventeen years, nor the crimes committed by the settlers, nor the imprisonment of thousands of people, including women and children, nor the The sanctity of two billion Muslims has been violated. They refused to watch the rest of the film and what happened in Gaza after October 7 and the horrific scenes it would contain if war resumed.

In particular, they refuse to return to the structural causes of the outbreaks of violence they denounce, their downplaying of its importance, and their role as dangerous fools they espouse. These dangerous fools blocked Israel’s golden opportunity to achieve a two-state solution, and like all fools, they failed to learn from history.

They continue to pay lip service: Hamas is a terrorist organization; Ignorance and disregard for the French who sit with what they call terrorists; The signing of the Evian Agreement in March 1962, which ended the Algerian war, motheryesBehind the January 1973 peace agreement between the Swedish king and North Vietnam in Paris was what they called the terrorist Viet Cong, whom Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s called Mann It was not until the 9th that Mandela was officially received as a terrorist, which was beyond imagination. -7-1996.

More dangerous than this is that they do not understand the real lesson of what happened on October 7th. What happened that day—regardless of the violence that preceded, accompanied, and followed—was the ratification of an eternal law; nothing inspires individuals and peoples more than the challenges they face.

What was true for Israelis yesterday, is true for Palestinians today and tomorrow.

  • They are those who bravely face intelligence challenges and emerge victorious.
  • They are those who bravely face the challenges of combat and emerge victorious.
  • They are the ones who take on media challenges and win.
  • They were those who bravely faced political challenges and emerged victorious.
  • They took on the challenge of winning international opinion and prevailed.

It’s all down to the actions of dangerous fools who can only continue in the same way; that is, taking on and developing forces that may one day destroy them and possibly – God forbid – the entire region.

Ignoring historical opportunities

The question, of course, is: What can we do to avoid such a disaster? A quick overview of available solutions:

1- I’m surprised by those who continue to talk about a two-state solution as if they haven’t seen a map of the West Bank.

Whether successive U.S. or Western governments have remained silent on the policies of Netanyahu and his allies who have tried every possible means to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, shouldn’t they be responsible for ignoring this historical opportunity? Will settlements impede geographical connections between Palestinian cities and villages?

Assuming that international and regional forces mobilized for such a solution, it would mean uprooting half a million settlers and two hundred thousand settlers from the East Jerusalem strip, which is almost impossible except at the expense of an Israeli civil war. As for the establishment of a Palestinian state with the current map of the West Bank and the destroyed areas as guardianship, this is a magical idea that must be prayed for its owner to be restored soon.

2-More than ten years ago, I wrote an article on this website and I said: The two-state solution is outdated.

All that remains to avert disaster for the region is Mandela’s solution. Any country where Arabs and Jews coexist, just like South Africa where blacks and whites coexist, Canada where French and English speakers coexist, and Belgium where French and Dutch speakers coexist. Of course, this only happens in secular democracies.

What was possible a decade ago becomes impossible today, not only because of the escalating resentment and resentment on both sides after October 7, but also because democracy is in decline across the region, especially within Israel.

Add to this the fact that the wind is currently blowing the masts of religious figures on both sides, making the idea of ​​a nation either too late or decades too early.

3. Some people who claim to understand politics say that problems that cannot be solved must be frozen. They remind me of someone telling you: You should ignore incurable cancer because it’s better than breaking your head on a failed treatment attempt.

new ideas

What does Israel and those who support it gain from such a policy, these truces that last for intermittent periods of time, interspersed with a series of magical solutions such as: the Deal of the Century and the Abraham Accords. At the same time, the number and complexity of the problems increased, especially those of grudges and grievances.

If Israelis had reason to hate Palestinians after the events of October 7, Palestinians today, after what they experienced in Gaza, the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, and the immoral and inhumane treatment of Israelis. The reasons to hate the Israelis are tenfold. There are thousands of prisoners in Israeli prisons.

The main question is: whether an eternal war is unavoidable, with the conflict intensifying and each side challenging the other with ever more military, intelligence and media expertise, until a devastating catastrophe breaks out across the region. Everyone’s dreams and projects?

Unfortunately, this path drives the dangerous fools who rule Israel today, and only the Israelis can escape them.

But what’s the solution? Even if the sky favors the moderates, they understand the futility of continuing to cling to their magical narrative of landless lands and landless peoples and denying the existence of peoples who also have rights. An independent, safe and decent life?

In my view, intellectuals, politicians and jurists on both sides and around the world should not continue to cling to imaginary solutions but must think outside the box and come up with new visions for an age-old dilemma. It could lead to a catastrophe for the region and even the world. We all have a responsibility to prevent this from happening, otherwise there will not be one Gaza, but dozens, hundreds of Gazas.

In the meantime, we all have no choice but to continue to stand with our heroic people, abide by their decisions because ultimately there are no decisions but theirs, and participate in stopping the barbaric war that dangerous fools are waging. against them. Because the longer it goes on, the more costly it becomes, the more remote it becomes, the less likely it is to realize the peace that we all so desperately need in the shortest possible time.

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