A Paraguayan ministerial official was dismissed after signing an agreement with a fake country

The chief of staff of Paraguay’s Ministry of Agriculture received a delegation headed by a self-proclaimed Hindu god

Paraguay’s Ministry of Agriculture has fired its chief of staff, Arnaldo Chamorro, after he signed a memorandum of understanding with United States Kailasa. Several other ministerial officials also received a delegation from the supposed, non-existent country, during which they reportedly introduced a teacher wanted for sex crimes in India as head of state.

On Wednesday, the ministry posted a copy of the memo on X (formerly Twitter), stating that Chamorro would be replaced.

The decision was made after it emerged that the senior official had signed the agreement, which confirms, among other things, Paraguay’s commitment to exploring the possibility of establishing diplomatic relations with the “United States of Kailasa.” In the memorandum, the Chamorro also acknowledges sovereignty over “Hindu Pontiff Nithyananda Paramashivam.

According to Paraguayan media, the latter is a Hindu guru, a self-proclaimed god who is wanted in India for sexual crimes and kidnapping.

Aside from the Chamorro, a number of other officials at the regional level also put their signatures on documents establishing relations with the fictitious state.

Speaking to reporters, the disgraced Chief of Staff explained that the Kailasa representatives “He came and expressed his desire to help Paraguay,” presentation “Several projects.The fired official admitted that he had been misled.

The Ministry later issued a statement accusing its former chief of staff of committing “Procedural errors when signing the supposed document without any authorization and without obtaining the necessary powers for this type of procedure.

It was confirmed that the memorandum with the Hindu group is null and void, and “It cannot be considered an official document.

In fact, the fired Paraguayan official was not the first to fall in love with the “Kailasa States of America.” In January, Newark, New Jersey, signed a sister city agreement with the shell entity. When the local government discovered in March that they had been cheated, it canceled the agreement.

But that didn’t stop.”Kailasa GovernmentFrom the claim on its website that “The United States of America recognizes United States Kailasa (USK) and signs a bilateral agreement.

In February, two USK representatives went to a UN committee meeting in Geneva. The Hindu group then claimed on its social media that the United Nations had recognized its self-declared state.

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