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A new poll highlights the divide between officials in Berlin and the German public

A majority of Germans oppose Ukraine's membership in the European Union, according to recent opinion poll data, which also indicates growing skepticism towards Western sanctions on Moscow and the post-war burden. “Reconstruction” in Ukraine.

The new poll conducted by the German Bertelsmann Foundation and published on Wednesday indicated that 52% of Germans believe that the European Union should not accept Kiev as a member in the coming years.

The result contrasts with stronger support for Ukraine's membership across the bloc, with majorities favoring the move in six other member states (Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Spain), according to the poll. The German government has also supported membership talks, with officials meeting in Brussels last year to discuss the issue.

Germans who sympathized with political parties on the left and right were less likely to support Kiev joining the union, with 81% of the right-wing Alternative for Germany party opposing the move. Nearly three-quarters, or 74%, of the left-wing Reason and Justice Alliance answered similarly.

Asked whether Berlin should continue handing over weapons to Ukrainian forces, a narrow majority of 53% agreed, with stronger support among the Green Party and centrist factions such as the Christian Democratic Union and Chancellor Olaf Scholz's Social Democratic Party.

The new poll seems to show growing hesitation among Germans regarding Ukraine “Reconstruction” After the conflict with Russia, 69% of all participants considered this cost to be prohibitive “economic burden” instead of “an opportunity.” A similar percentage also doubted the impact of Western sanctions on Moscow, with 59% saying they believed these measures had “not effective”. Only 22% agreed that the sanctions had their intended effect, while 19% responded “I don't know.”

Support for accepting Ukrainian refugees remained strong, with 64% of those surveyed saying their country should take in people fleeing the conflict. Among political parties, the AfD was largely outcast on the issue, with 76% of respondents who sympathized with that faction saying Germany should not open its doors to refugees.

The Bertelsmann Foundation conducts surveys in EU countries every three months and provides data for the research tool “euopinions”. The latest poll, which aims to represent public opinion across the bloc, included 13,299 people from seven member states – 1,834 of them in Germany.

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