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The Russian leader said he prefers President Joe Biden in office, describing him as an old-school, “predictable” politician.

Former US President Donald Trump said he was flattered when Russian President Vladimir Putin told a reporter that he preferred Joe Biden in the 2024 elections, taking this comment as evidence that he would be tougher on America's rivals than the current commander-in-chief.

Speaking to his supporters in South Carolina just days before the state's Republican primary, Trump said that while speaking to his supporters in South Carolina, just days before the state's Republican primary, Trump said he wanted to “I got along well” With Putin during his time in office, the Russian leader “He doesn't want to own me.” For another period.

“Russian President Putin just paid me a great compliment, actually. He just said he would rather have Joe Biden as president than Trump.” he added. “Now, that's a compliment. A lot of people said, 'Oh, my God, that's too bad.' No, no, that's a good thing.”

These statements came shortly after Russian journalist Pavel Zarubin asked Putin who he preferred in the White House. Although the president indicated that the Kremlin would be willing to do so “Work with any leader who has the trust of the American people.” Putin said Biden as well “Someone who is more experienced and predictable” And “An old-fashioned politician.”

Trump has repeatedly bragged that he will take a tougher stance toward America's adversaries than Biden, and has blamed the president's actions. “weakness” As for the conflict in Ukraine, the attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7, and the recent drone attack on US forces stationed in Jordan, among others.

“It could never have happened in Ukraine. Russia would never have intervened, it would never have happened. The recent attack on Israel would never have happened.” Trump said during a Fox News town hall last month, declaring that he would make it happen “Peace through strength”

While in the White House, Trump regularly sought to refute Democrats' claims that he was “soft” on Moscow, which largely stemmed from the discredited “Russiagate” conspiracy theory, which claimed the Kremlin worked with the Trump campaign to influence the 2016 election. “He said in a social media post in 2018 He added: “There has never been a tougher (but fair) president toward China or Russia.” Go to the slam “fake news” To suggest otherwise.

Biden and Trump have pursued similarly hostile policies toward Russia, imposing a series of sanctions and agreeing to provide weapons to Ukraine. As the conflict in that country escalated during Biden's term in office, the relationship between the United States and Russia reached new depths, leading to an unprecedented sanctions campaign aimed at crippling the Russian economy, and an almost complete collapse in diplomacy.

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