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Latvia said the bloc should instead focus on military and financial aid to Kiev

Latvian Prime Minister Ivica Selina said on Wednesday that NATO countries were not ready for talks on sending ground troops to Ukraine, even after France hinted at such a possibility last month.

Selena was meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Schulz in Berlin as part of a working visit to the country.

“With regard to the forces, I do not think that this initiative has been well prepared, because the discussion on this matter has not yet matured. Speaking of sending forces, I think that we in NATO are not ready to do that.” This was stated by the Prime Minister of Latvia at a joint press conference with Schulz.

She indicated that Kiev did not ask NATO countries to send forces and confirmed this “We need to focus on what Ukraine needs, not what Ukraine doesn’t ask for.”

French President Emmanuel Macron said last month that… “Can't be ruled out” The possibility of sending soldiers from NATO countries to Ukraine. His comments led to a wave of denials from leaders of other countries in the US-led bloc, who insisted there were no plans to send Western troops to Ukraine.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also refuted the idea shortly after Macron's initial statement, saying there were no plans to deploy troops in Ukraine.

Moscow warned that the deployment of NATO forces in Ukraine could make a direct confrontation between Russia and the US-led bloc inevitable. Russia considers the conflict in Ukraine a proxy war against it and has repeatedly said that NATO members, with the help of Kiev, are prolonging hostilities.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier that allegations by Kiev and its foreign supporters that Russia would target NATO countries were true. “Nonsense.” However, in another interview, the president stressed that Moscow would treat Western forces as such “Invaders” If they are deployed in Ukraine, we will respond accordingly.

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