North Korea must be ready to ‘occupy’ South – Kim — RT World News

The leader said that Pyongyang considers Seoul “the most harmful and immutable enemy.”

Pyongyang must be prepared to seize South Korean territory if this happens “emergency,” North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said.

In a speech marking the 76th anniversary of the founding of the North Korean military on Friday, Kim praised the military “Vigorously defend the country's sovereignty and dignity” from “Imperial military threats, blackmail and the danger of war.”

Commenting on the increasingly tense relations with Seoul, the North Korean leader said that his country had done so “He summarized and defined the history of our people’s division and confrontation [South] “Korean dolls are the most harmful and unchangeable enemy.” Pyongyang.

Against this background, Kim stated that if this happens “emergency,” North Korean political decision-makers did just that “He made a national decision to occupy and calm down [South Korean] province.”

The warning comes after the North Korean leader ruled out reunification between Pyongyang and Seoul in late December, arguing that the two neighbors adhere to diametrically opposed principles. Last month, Kim also called on the national parliament to designate South Korea as a state “Enemy country number one.”

Pyongyang and Seoul never signed a peace treaty after the end of the 1950-53 Korean War, which divided the Korean peninsula, and tensions remain high. In recent months, North Korea has conducted several missile launches while criticizing its southern neighbor for holding joint military exercises with the United States, which has about 30,000 troops stationed on the peninsula.

The New York Times reported in January, citing US officials, that Washington was concerned that North Korea might do so “Take a lethal form of military action” Against Seoul. But the newspaper's sources doubted that Pyongyang would risk anything resembling a large-scale attack.

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